Full Throttle lives up to its name and delivers a true "full throttle" experience to the riders. Six Flags is not known for its theming, but the theme of this ride sucks you in from the start. As you enter the Full Throttle Plaza, you can feel the energy. Six Flags pulled out all stops and has a high-energy show exploding around you as you wait in line. If that doesn't get your blood pumping, your heart pounding, the full throttle-sized TV in the line queue playing a montage of people living life "full throttle" will. By the time you hit the front of the line, you are primed for the ride of a lifetime. All rows give a great ride, but the best rows are first row if you want an awesome view of the drop over the record-setting loop and the wind in your face or the last row if you want the best ejector airtime and a more intense launch. Once the riders are secure, waiting on the track for their big ride, the operators keep it fun by trying to launch the train when you least expect it. As you fly off down the launch track at 70 mph, the train soars into the world's tallest vertical loop where you hang, and hang, and hang all while taking in a glorious view of the entire park. Just when you think (wish!), the train is going to roll back, you ease down the loop. You twist around past the on-ride photo into the tunnel. Then, BAM!, backwards you race into the dive loop you just completed. The train falls out of the loop, back into the tunnel, where it receives a burst of incredibly smooth speed -- another launch! And back you race, up and over the vertical loop, which has you rising slowly up out of seat with negative Gs until the brakes kick in, ejecting you with the best airtime you'll ever get as you glide down the loop and back to the station. This is purely the smoothest ride you'll ever experience -- there is literally not a single bump, a single rattle, nothing but wheels gliding on the smooth, white track. Get there early so you can ride often, but this ride is worth the wait if you don't. It's good, clean, smooth fun.

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