Located along Sunset Boulevard in Walt Disney World's Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park, the "Rock 'n' Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith" is definitely a must-see thrill ride attraction. Easily the most exciting coaster on Disney World property, it has the distinction of being situated next door to another must-see thrill attraction, the "Twilight Zone Tower of Terror". The RnRC (for short) isn't the only indoor roller coaster in Disney World, but it is definitely the fastest, loudest, and most enjoyable. Don't think you'll be able to pass this ride on by, as the exterior of this attraction is decorated with huge electric guitar, sporting an upside down ride car on its twisting handle, giving potential riders an idea of what is to come.

Located within the home of the fictional G-Force Records, you enter the recording studio as the legendary rock group Aerosmith is just finishing up a few tracks. They and their manager(Ileana Douglas) notice your presence and after she rushes the band off to the concert they're late for across town, Steven Tyler and the guys get her to give out backstage passes to you and the other fans. The catch, you have to take your own limo which is waiting for you outside in the alley.

The coaster train is designed to look like one enormous super-stretch limo and starts off your ride with quite a bang....a 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 second bang, to be precise. It's the best part of the ride and sends you off into the main loop. Along the way you pass various L.A. sights including the famous Hollywood sign, highway signs labeling well-known places, and a number of palm trees. The ride contains at least 3 loops, corkscrews, and other twists and turns, all the while blasting some of your favorite Aerosmith tunes. Each ride car plays a different tune, so expect to hear songs like "Love in a Rollercoaster" (re-done from "Love in an Elevator" to fit this attraction), "Walk This Way", "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)" and others. This was a great idea in itself as it drives up the energy for all riders. The ride empties out at the entrance to the concert which actually happens to be the ride's gift shop where you can purchase various Aerosmith, Disney, or ride souveniers or trinkets.

If you're an individual who loves roller coasters, this ride definitely satisfies. It's not the most thrilling coaster you'll ever ride in your life, but it's truly one of Disney's premiere attractions. But the combination of the theming, the music, and the imagination put into creating this ride make it really worth your while. Expect a good wait for this ride which means you should, more often than not, grab a FastPass for it to keep your wait in line to a minimum. Even if you're not one for coasters and want to wait for your party to get through the ride, you can wait outside and listen to the oldies tunes that play for the visitors milling around. But this really is a great ride, one worthy of repeated waits in line.

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