In my personal opinion, Disney's newest theme park "Animal Kingdom" is somewhat lacking - at least in the amount of what I'd consider "must-see" attractions. Thus, I don't spend too much time there, but when I do go I know exactly what I want to see and do because there are some attractions that are very enjoyable and a lot of fun. The 3D animated show "It's Tough To Be a Bug!", based on the Disney/Pixar film "A Bug's Life" definitely qualifies as a "must-see".

Located in its own theater beneath the enormous centerpiece of Animal Kingdom, the Tree of Life, as you walk down the path into the waiting area, you're in a rather confined space, decorated as you'd expect the underside of a tree that's been hollowed out by bugs to look like. It has a rather low ceiling, but the airflow is fine so unless you really have a problem with claustrophobia, it shouldn't bother you too much. You can also pose next to a large-sized (compared to you because you're supposed to be the size of a bug) dungball, left behind by a dung beetle for an interesting photo-op. Also, notice some of the bug film posters on the wall such as "My Fair Bug Lady" and others.

Once the doors open up, you're encouraged to move all the way over on the wooden log bench seats to allow those behind you to get a seat and fill the row. Just a tip: don't look too carefully at the seats or you'll ruin a surprise for later in the show. As the show begins, you'll see Flick the ant stick its animatronic head down from his place in the ceiling and introduce you to his bug friends (and enemies) and you get to laugh at the bugs' antics and their various abilities. You get to experience, among other things, being sprayed by a stinkbug, getting blasted by bug spray, and you get to be stung by a bee! (But don't worry, it doesn't hurt a bit.)

Caution for parents: this show really and truly is a lot of fun, but for very young children, possibly 6 and under, it can be very intense and scary. I've heard of times when some children freak out and cry and scream, causing a disruption for others in the theater. So you may want to consider your child's temperament as to whether or not let them see the show.

But, again, it's quite a whimsical, funny, enjoyable experience that's full of surprises and uses various techniques (much like Disney Studio's MuppetVision 4D show) to add to the enjoyment and entertainment factor. You really get involved in the show as it draws on your senses of sight, smell, and touch. I really enjoyed this 3D show and look forward to seeing it again on future visits. I can definitely recommend it to others. It's one of Disney's best.

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