This is one coaster that shows that one should not judge a book by its cover. As you enter Six Flags Magic Mountain, you are already surrounded by world class coasters. But none of these coasters can deliver an experience like Full Throttle. Once you enter Full Throttle Plaza, you say, "so what. It's just a big loop." This is where Full Throttle deceives you. Just entering the queue line, you start to become energetic. Videos playing showing people living life to the fullest along with heart pounding music just makes the experience more thrilling. Once you make it to the station, you are then disappointed. This sad design of a station does not give the ride justice. Its then time to ride. You sit back with your legs locked in by this knee/leg pad. Then its time to launch. You are blasted out of the station at 70 mph into the world's tallest loop. It is here where you experience something that other coasters never deliver. Hangtime. As you reach the top of the loop,your train slows down to a crawl and you cry hoping that the train will make it all the way around the circle. You hang for a time that feela like forever. Eventually you dive back down and start your journey to the other side of the mountain. Flying over Superman plaza, you take a dive loop into a tunnel. You stop momentarily when you are blasted backwards out of the tunnel back into the dive loop. you are then pushed forward out of the tunnel over the top of the loop you started the ride with. You slowly creep over the top when you come flying out of your seat from Full Throttle's ejector airtime inducing drop. It is then all over and you have taken a ride on an intense coaster. Even though this ride looks small and mediocre, Full Throttle proves that you can never judge a book by its cover.

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