This is a tough review to write. I suppose the best place to start is to mention the most common phrase heard whilst stepping off of the train. 'That wasn't quite up to Nemesis' standard'. That's where the problem begins with this ride.

No matter how hard one might try, it is impossible not to compare it with its big brother housed in a trench 150 miles north. Nemesis at Alton Towers was never going to be beaten in all round intensity, fun and thrill ratings, so this ride should have been left completley seperate.

The name 'Nemesis' has, since 1994, made people instantly think of Alton Towers and unfortunatley, Inferno just doesn't pack the same punches.

Don't get me wrong, this is a good coaster, but it has nothing on the original and that is what makes it seem a bit, well, 'meh' in comparison.

I enjoy riding this, the interlocking corkscrews and the unique drop out of the station ensure that it will never be a dull ride, but when you are almost forced to compare it to the ride at Alton Towers, it just doesn't grab me in the same way.

If you have never ridden Nemesis at Alton Towers, then you will love this ride, however, if like me, you have ridden and loved Nemesis for years, then try to enjoy it on its own merits rather than compare the two.

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