What can be said about this ride that hasn't already been said?

From the back story of archeaologists unearthing a creature so fast and deadly that they had to tie it down to a track to the 4.5g of force thrown at riders around the fierce bends, this is possibly the greatest and best loved suspended coaster in the world.

Due to height restirctions in place at Alton Towers, John Wardley and the crew from Bollinger and Mabillard had to think long and hard about how SW1 was going to be constructed. Along comes a back-story of an archealogical dig and a trench in which Nemesis will be housed is formed.

This ride was always going to be good, Nemesis Inferno at Thorpe Park proves that this type of ride is good, but due to the constant near-misses with the ground, fences and the station itself, it feels so much faster than the advertised 50mph and keeps all other suspended coasters out of its league.

I love this ride for everything that it has to offer and it will take something special to knock it off of its perch as the greatest suspended coaster on the planet.

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