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Important note: Following a "beta" period, we have decided to withdraw the Price Watch comparison service. While we may opt to bring it back in future, we felt that the level of effort required to keep it up-to-date could be better spent on improving areas of the site. You can still find a wide range of money-saving deals in our Theme Park Special Offers section.

This page details the terms of use for Theme Park Tourist's Price Watch service, which enables users to find theme park tickets and compare prices from multiple vendors.


Theme Park Tourist is an informational website that aims to help you get the most out of your next theme park trip while saving time and money. We do not currently sell theme park tickets or any other theme park-related products. Instead, we help you search for theme park tickets and link you to third-party sites that may offer the tickets that you require. We also provide information on third-party vendors' special offers and discounts. However, we have no control over those third-party vendors and we therefore do not guarantee that their offers will not change or become unavailable. Nor are we responsible for their products, services or website content. Please see the vendors' websites for the most up-to-date pricing and offer information and applicable terms and conditions.


Please note that Theme Park Tourist does not guarantee the accuracy of price listings in our Price Watch service, and all price comparisons are given for guidance purposes only. You should always check with a range of sources that there are no cheaper tickets available.

The information about tickets and prices provided on this site may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. Changes to tickets and prices by theme parks or tickets vendors are out of our control and while we endeavour to keep up with them, we cannot achieve this at all times. Pricing information is frequently updated, but it is possible that out-of-date prices or ticket information may be listed in our database.

Vendor coverage

Although we endeavour to include as many vendors as possible in our ticket price comparisons, we do not cover every available vendor. While we make every effort to locate the cheapest price possible for each ticket, you should always conduct additional research to check that no better prices are available.

Affiliations with vendors

Theme Park Tourist is enrolled in the affiliate schemes of some vendors listed in the Price Watch service. This means that when a user purchases a ticket after following a link from our website, we receive a small commission. This does not affect the ranking of vendors in the Price Watch search results - the only factor that is used to decide which vendor to list for any given ticket is the current price of the ticket across all vendors' websites.

It is possible that advertising from one or more ticket vendors may appear on the website. If this occurs, it is because a third-party advertising broker has placed the advertisements on Theme Park Tourist due to the site’s contextual relevance. Whether a vendor advertises on Theme Park Tourist or not does not affect the ranking of vendors in Price Watch search results.

Paid placement policy

Theme Park Tourist does not charge for inclusion in its Price Watch search results or accept payment for better placement.

Information used in price comparisons

We strive to make all price comparisons fair and impartial. In order to achieve this, all prices listed on Price Watch include:

  • The standard price of the ticket as listed on the vendor’s website
  • Any applicable taxes

Prices do not include:

  • Shipping costs

Since Theme Park Tourist visitors are located all over the world, it is not currently practical for us to track shipping costs to every possible location from every possible vendor. It is often possible to print theme park tickets online at no extra cost, or to collect tickets from the park itself. If you plan to have tickets shipped to your home, you should always check the full price including shipping costs on the vendor’s website.

Exchange rates

Where a ticket is available to residents of multiple countries, we store the latest ticket price from each vendor once in our database in a single currency (usually the default currency used by the vendor's website). In order to show pricing information in different currencies for the benefit of our users, we perform automatic conversion from one currency to another.

Since currency exchange rates fluctuate continually, it is not possible for us to accurately predict the exact price that you will pay for a ticket when you purchase it in a currency that is not the vendor’s default currency. In order to give you as accurate a prediction as possible, the exchange rates used for our currency conversions are updated daily using the European Central Bank’s publicly available listings. The actual exchange rate that you receive will depend on your bank or credit card supplier.

Information for vendors

Theme Park Tourist currently gathers all pricing information used in the Price Watch service manually from vendor websites. We welcome contact from vendors of theme park tickets, whether they are currently listed in our database or not. If you would like to provide us with pricing updates, do not wish your company’s prices to be listed in our database, or have any other concerns relating to the listing of your company’s pricing information or products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Privacy Policy

For information on privacy protection please see our Privacy Policy.


If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints regarding Theme Park Tourist’s Price Watch, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

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