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    POV Video: The Enchanted Tale Of Beauty And The Beast at Tokyo Disneyland

    The Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast began welcoming guests on September 21, 2020 at Tokyo Disneyland is a new dark ride that takes guests inside the Beast’s iconic castle within the new Fantasyland expansion in the park. Guests board magical cups which dance in sync with the film’s music and relive iconic moments from this classic Disney movie. 

    A POV of the entire attraction has been uploaded to YouTube by Disneyphile and has already had nearly 200,000 views which shows the interest surrounding this attraction. As the video is an amateur recording the camera does pan around a lot but it definitely gives you the feel for the attraction.

    Reviews on social media have began to appear since the start of the rides soft opening on Monday September 21. This highly anticipated attraction has had mixed reviews while some have been amazed others have been underwhelmed by the lack of scenery and animatronics in some places.

    Obviously for anyone who doesn’t speak Japanese, the narration will be meaningless but surely everyone knows this classic story so can piece the storyline together in the ride. Check the POV out for yourself below.


    The video lasts nearly 16 minutes and begins as you enter the castle. You can see the details of the castle and the iconic music at the start of the original film plays in the background whilst the narration sets the scene explaining how the prince through his selfishness was turned into a beast.

    Guests are then ushered through the castle’s kitchen on their way to their teacup, which seat up to 10 riders, where the dark ride truly begins. The bell rings, the doors open and you are in the first scene which is set in the dining room of the castle and begins with the ‘Be Our Guest’ song. The visuals look amazing although as mentioned earlier the walls seem somewhat lacking in theming in places.

    Your teacup then moves onto the second scene which is based on the song ‘Something there’. As you dance around on the ice in your tea cup you can see numerous other tea cups whilst Belle stands next to Philippe and the Beast looks tenderly at a bird which is sitting on his finger. 

    The third scene begins with Belle and the Beast together on the balcony, when suddenly it becomes darker and there is a short interlude where you hear sounds from when the villagers coming to kill the beast. The final scene is inevitably where the Beast transforms back to the prince and the last song ‘Tale as old as time’ rings out as Belle and the Beast dance in the Grand Hall.

    For those fans that can’t get enough of this new attraction at Tokyo Disneyland we have embedded another POV which was uploaded to Youtube by Magia Disney for you to take a look at.


    If you either don’t want to view the video to avoid spoiling the attraction if you are lucky enough to be planning a trip or if you are interested to find out more, there are lots of photos from the soft opening over at themeparx.com for you to feast your eyes on.

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