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Poseidon’s Fury Has Closed Permanently At Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Fans Want ZELDA To Replace It!

It was announced in mid-April that Poseidon’s Fury would permanently close at Universal’s Islands of Adventure at the end of the day on May 9, to make way for “exciting new experiences,”. Universal has still not divulged any further information regarding what these exciting new experiences will consist of but many speculations are already beginning to circulate online.

We have explored a number of the rumors of possible replacements in our recent featured article, Here Are 3 Rumored Replacements! The leading theory as of right now is a potential Legend of Zelda experience to take over the Lost Continent area. With the crumbling ruins and grand architecture as well as the overseas popularity of Super Nintendo World after its opening in Universal Studios Japan in 2021, the Legend of Zelda seems like it could be a perfect replacement.

We recently asked, What theme would you like Poseidon’s Fury to be replaced with? Well, from the current results there is a very clear winner. Zelda gets 73% of the total votes with JAWS getting 14%, Wizarding World getting 9% and 4% saying “none of the above”. We will keep you posted on the new exciting experiences that are promised by Universal for the Lost Continent. Let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page and by casting your vote.

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This video was posted online by Attractions Magazine showing the closing moments of Poseidon’s Fury which for many will be sad scenes.

We asked you how you felt about this and it appears that there are a lot of upset Universal fans regarding the decision to permanently close this long standing attraction. In our recent poll, 64% said they will be sad to see Poseidon’s Fury close. We are still unsure of what will replace Poseidon’s Fury but we will keep you posted on all updates when they are announced. For now, make the most of the last couple of weeks to enjoy this iconic attraction at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Poseidon's Fury, Universal
Image: Universal

Poseidon’s Fury reopened at Universal’s Islands of Adventure back in March 2022 having been shuttered since March 2020. After the initial rocky start, the attraction has been generally running well and only closed for scheduled maintenance for a few days in September.

Poseidon’s Fury is located in The Lost Continent area of Universal’s Islands of Adventure. This 20-minute walk through attraction is led by a skiddish archaeologist and trapped in a tomb by Poseidon’s evil nemesis, this multi-room, guided walking tour brings you face to face with unimaginable water and fire effects as the race for Atlantis begins.

Poseidon's Fury, Universal
Image: Brian Krosnick

Poseidon’s Fury first opened at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in 1999 making it one of the opening day attractions. We are interested to find out if you are sad that this attraction has now closed permanently and what you would like to see take its place.

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