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One Third of Walt Disney World Guests Upgrading to Genie+

In addition to reducing portion sizes at Walt Disney World, it looks like Disney is planning on boosting revenue from its theme parks division using the Genie+ upgrade. Though this skip-the-line upgrade has only been available for a few weeks, Disney CEO Bob Chapek has said that nearly a third of park guests are purchasing Genie+ service, adding that “The majority of Genie and Genie+ users said it improved their overall park experience.”

This is the first official comment on sales for Disney Genie+ since the service launched last month, and while we don’t expect to see hard figures relating to Genie+ sales (or the a la carte Lightning Lane service) anytime in the near future, it looks like Disney’s upcharge paid FastPass+ replacement is off to a running start at the theme parks. 

Though Genie+ looks like it has had a moderately successful launch at Walt Disney World, the service has yet to debut at Disneyland in California, and no proposed launch dates have been set just yet. 

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