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All eyes are on Six Flags Qiddiya and the world's first Exa roller coaster Falcon's Flight this year as construction continues at a remarkable pace. According to the official website, Six Flags Qiddiya is 59% complete.

We now have new construction photos posted to ThemeParx where we get to see work continuing on the installation of the track on the cliff. According to Screamscape, there appears to have been magnetic trim brakes added to slow the train down on the massive air-time hill following the drop and launch down from the cliff.

There has also been rumblings online that we could see a soft opening for Six Flags Qiddiya in mid-2025 which is a long way prior to the official opening date which has recently been slated as 2026. 

In a recent post to Twitter X at the end of May by El Toro Ryan, it looks like there will be an extra element on Falcon's Flight which was not on the original plans. In the recent construction photos there appears to be a double up after the launch up the cliff wall. A double up is an element which has an upward climb followed straight away with another upward climb, usually separated by a small banked or unbanked turn.

New construction photos were recently added to ThemeParx showing the latest progress that has been made on Falcon's Flight. There has also been a new video posted to TikTok.

@qiddiya01 Replying to @__fv #qiddya01 #qiddyaksa ♬ الصوت الأصلي - ♥️ ريــــم الـــكــويــت ♥️

Also, in another recent video posted to YouTube by Coasters, Thrills and Airtime Hills we get to see all the latest developments that have been made to Six Flags Qiddiya, including to the world's first Exa roller coaster, Falcon's Flight.

As you can see in the video at timestamp 3:17, new construction photos show the progress that has been completed in recent weeks and it now looks like construction work is focussing on the mountainside. At timestamp 4:14 we see a photo of the completed 524ft air time hill which is amazing to see as it is the tallest free-standing structure on Falcon's Flight. 

We also see at timestamp 5:00 construction photos of the tilt roller coaster, SNS drop tower and the wooden roller coaster. 

In a video posted to YouTube a few weeks ago by Depressed Ginger with footage said to be from April 2024, we saw the construction progress that had been made on what will be the world's first Exa roller coaster, Falcon's Flight. It certainly looks huge and impressive and is set to firmly put Six Flags Qiddiya on the map.

Also in the video at time stamp 1:16 we can see a wooden roller coaster in the background which looks to be almost complete as well as others. According to rcdb.com Six Flags Qiddiya is set to have a total of eight roller coasters when it opens including of course Falcon's Flight and Colossus as well as Iron Rattler (Vekoma Tilt roller coaster), Sea Stallion (Maurer Spike powered roller coaster), Spitfire (Intamin launched roller coaster), Twilight Express (Vekoma family roller coaster), Adrena-Line (Vekoma family suspended roller coaster) and Saw Mill Falls (Mack Rides water coaster). 

Six Flags Qiddiya is currently slated to be opening in late 2024 which seems extremely optimistic. We await confirmation on this and will continue to update you on its progress as we head through the year.

In previous video construction update posted to YouTube in mid-March we got to see the exciting progress which had been made on Falcon's Flight as well as the rest of Six Flags Qiddiya and Qiddiya City. 

For further information about Qiddiya City you can visit the official website here, where we assume further information will be added as more construction is completed over the coming months heading towards the slated opening in late 2024.

In a photo construction update posted to ThemeParX back in January we got to see the progress that had been made on Falcon's Flight. If you look carefully in the background you can also see the GCI Colossus wooden roller coaster and the Vekoma tilt coaster, Iron Rattler.

Image: ThemeParX

In a video posted online on December 12 we got to see the Qiddiya City project including Six Flags Qiddiya which was said to be 59% completed ahead of a late 2024 opening. In the video, the latest construction progress on Falcon's Flight can be seen and it certainly looks impressive so far.

At the IAAPA Expo in Orlando in November, 2023, Intamin officially revealed new details for the world's first Exa roller coaster, Falcon's Flight which is coming to Six Flags Qiddiya.

At the end of November, 2023, a video was posted on YouTube which shows the current construction progress for Falcon's Flight at Six Flags Qiddiya. Actual footage of the park is currently still quite hard to come by so it is very interesting to see the latest developments.

Embedded below is the video released after the official revealing at the IAAPA Expo where we get to see exactly what Falcon's Flight will offer guests and to say it is going to be breathtaking is an understatement.

Falcon's Flight will be the world's first Exa coaster, reaching the mind blowing height of 640ft. Original rumors led us to believe it would hit the heights of 540ft but to find out it is actually going to 100ft higher is unbelievable. Just take a moment for that to really sink in, 640ft.

Originally known as a "super coaster" we now know that Exa coaster is the name given to a roller coaster over 600ft. It seems somewhat ridiculous to be naming a 600ft+ height roller coaster when we haven't even got a name for a 500ft+ roller coaster. These heights have certainly never been reached before.

Currently the world's tallest roller coaster is Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure which stands at 139m or 456ft. Falcon's Flight will be another 56m taller, standing at 195m or 640ft. As we know not only will Falcon's Flight be the tallest roller coaster in the world by a huge amount but it will also be the fastest and the longest and will feature the biggest drop of any roller coaster in the world.

The top speed of Falcon's Flight has now been released by Intamin as 250km/h or 155mph meaning it will take the world record from Formula Rossa at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi which hits a top speed of 240km/h or 150mph.

Falcon's Flight will also be the world's longest roller coaster at 4250m, thus taking the record from The Steel Dragon 2000 located at Nagashima Spa Land amusement park in Mie Prefecture, Japan which measures 2,479m in length.

The video released by Intamin at the IAAPA event this week in Orlando looks absolutely amazing and shows a very smooth roller coaster gliding along the track. The highlight will surely be the drop off at the top of the cliff and then the unbelievable free standing airtime hill which is now expected to be 640ft and dominate the park.

The station will feature a dual loading station to aid with capacity and will be running 6 trains with 14 riders per train. The trains have a windscreen on the front which is essential for a roller coaster in the desert to protect riders from the sand. This means that safety googles will not be required.

The design of the train follows the theme and looks like a falcon. It will feature Intamin lap bars and have 16 inch running wheels. The trains are set to look amazing in the dark with their individually programmable 35 light modules which should look stunning. 

Falcon's Flight train, Intamin Amusement Insider
Image: Amusement Insider

The basic layout of Falcon's Flight will will include three LSM launches. As the train comes out of the station riders will experience the first launch with the roller coaster twisting and turning with air time moments to get the train to the bottom of cliff where the second LSM launch will propel guests at 100mph up to the top of cliff bringing you very close to the ground before swooping round in preparation for biggest drop ever seen on a roller coaster.

On this vertical drop, guests will reach speeds of 155mph then through a tunnel into a further drop then the third and final launch will keep the roller coaster going at 155mph to get the train to the top of the tallest airtime hill which was rumored to be 513ft tall and is now expected to be an unbelievable height of 640ft. Riders are guaranteed floater airtime over the top, particularly if you are riding at the back.

The final section of Falcon's Flight will see more twists and turns and further airtime moments before hitting the brake run. It will not feature any inversions. From the new off ride video footage you really get a clear idea of what guests can now look forward to when Falcon's Flight opens at Six Flags Qiddiya. Let us know your thoughts on Falcon's Flight by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.

At the end of October there was exciting news surrounding Six Flags Qiddiya. Many people doubted that the proposed Six Flags park in the desert of Saudi Arabia, would ever get the green light. But back in March, construction began.

The new photo was released and can be seen in the article below, we now have further photos to share with you and news of a second roller coaster being constructed at Six Flags Qiddiya.

Firstly, a number of new photos had been uploaded to ThemeParX of the mighty Falcon's Flight showing further images of the huge airtime hill. Although it is difficult to gauge the true scale of this gigantic steel structure as there are few other structures currently in place to compare it with, you can still see just what an amazing feat of engineering Falcon's Flight will be when it opens at Six Flags Qiddiya.

Falcon's Flight is being manufactured by Intamin and will be a roller coaster unlike any other ever built.  The massive steel structure will be the world's tallest free-standing coaster structure which they are calling a "super" coaster. The coaster is set to break the height record with its airtime hill.

Falcon's Flight will travel along over 13,000 feet of track making it the longest in the world, hitting speeds of up to 155mph making it the fastest. All in all, when Falcon's Flight opens at Six Flags Qiddiya it will be the world's longest, fastest and tallest roller coaster.

In the photo below of Falcon's Flight, posted to Linked In by Anthony Mezher, we get to see in the background dark supports with yellow track.

Vekoma Tilt Coaster, Anthony Metzer
Image: Anthony Metzer

This is believed to be for a second roller coaster at Six Flags Qiddiya which according to a post to Instagram by Coasterhub three weeks ago will be the "Iron Rattler Mine Train, the world's largest Tilt Coaster! Made by Vekoma, it will stand 197ft (60m) tall and feature five inversions! Two of the inversions on the ride will be made up of the world's first Double Zero G Roll!"


This is extremely exciting news and we will continue to bring you all the latest developments and construction updates on both Falcon's Flight and the Vekoma Tilt roller coaster coming to Six Flags Qiddiya as soon as they are released.

We had been eagerly awaiting news of the latest progress which has been made so far on this headlining signature attraction at Six Flags Qiddiya and last week, a new photo appeared online of the massive airtime hill which has slowly been going vertical over the last few months and now sits around 300-400ft. It can be clearly seen in the photo below posted on Twitter by JAXXN #BB25.

Falcon's Flight, JAXXN#BB25
Image: Falcon's Flight, JAXXN#BB25

In the video embedded below posted to YouTube by Theme Park Predictions you can once again see the new photo revealed this week of Falcon's Flight as well as details of how this Intamin roller coaster could pave the way for roller coasters in the future.

For previous updates for Falcon's Flight at Six Flags Qiddiya, continue reading...



A 500ft rollar coasters has been long been dubbed “polar” coaster. One was supposed to have been built in Orlando. So now we have exa

Oh my God! I can't wait to see Falcon's Flight roller coaster when it's complete! It will be Amazing to ride the Falcon's Flight roller coaster. Falcon's Flight goes all over the park.

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