Lost Island Waterpark

Exciting news has been announced this week for The Lost Island Waterpark in Waterloo, Iowa. We are promised that something new is coming. Photos have been posted to Facebook of an area which is going to be developed.

Although we don't have information as of yet of exactly what is planned, we will keep you updated with new details as soon as they are confirmed.

All in all, the first season for The Lost Island Themepark in Waterloo, Iowa didn't exactly go to plan. When the theme park opened its doors in June 2022 having broken ground in 2019, it was missing two of the theme parks headlining attractions.

Thankfully, The Lost Island Themepark began its second season on May 20 with these two vitally missing attractions open. Matugani which sees riders accelerated skyward from zero to 60 mph in mere seconds was delayed from opening in the first season as a result of issues in the supply chain. Due to a fire that had broken out during construction in March 2022, the SuperFlume, Yuta Falls didn't open at all during the opening season.

Image: Lost Island

Matugani is an Intamin launch coaster, named after the pit viper snake. It is located in the Yuta realm of the park and riders have to be 56 inches to ride alone.

Matugani, Lost Island Themepark
Image: Lost Island Themepark

A POV has been released of this attraction which was originally named as Kanonen and located at Liseberg. Matugani has 1443 feet of track and includes two inversions making it a headlining thrill ride at Lost Island Themepark.

Yuta Falls SuperFlume has also opened at Lost Island Themepark. Guests have to be 42 inches to ride with an adult. This highly anticipated water ride is said to take guests on "a heart-pounding aquatic adventure like no other. Get ready to embark on an epic journey that combines the rush of a roller coaster with the refreshing splash of a water ride."

Yuta Falls, Lost Island Themepark
Image: Lost Island Theme Park

A POV of Yuta Falls has been embedded below.

The park saw a lower attendance than was expected and suffered a significant operating loss during its first season and therefore made the decision to close early on Sunday August 28. 2022.

In a news article in March from The Courier, the Bertch family, owners of the Lost Island Themepark and The Lost Island Water Park which was opened in 2001 confirmed that all attractions would be up and running on the opening day of the 2023 season at The Lost Island Themepark, including Matugani and SuperFlume.

Lost Island Themepark cost upwards of $100 million and is split into five "realms," each imbued with a mythology, story, characters, and symbology all of its own. Four of the park's realms represent elements – Yuta (earth), Udara (air), Awa (water), and Mura (fire). The fifth realm – Tamariki (spirit) – represents the playful, pervasive force that holds them in balance.  To take a closer look at everything Lost Island Themepark has to offer, check out our featured article, A Brand New, World-Class Dark Ride Quietly Opened in the U.S. This Summer... Here's What Awaits Inside...

Image: Lost Island

The Bertch Family were hoping for significantly improved attendance during 2023 which would have been helped considerably by having all the attractions opened. 

The 2023 season got underway in May and it was confirmed that beginning in June there would be live entertainment six days a week and extended hours until 9:30PM on a Friday and Saturday evening until the end of July. This would have also enticed more guests into the theme park. Did you visit The Lost Island Themepark this year? Are you excited about visiting next season? What do you hope will be announced for the Waterpark? Let us know by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.


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