Splash Mountain Disneyland

The announcement of the official closing date for Splash Mountain at Disneyland Park was a long time in coming. We finally heard in mid-April that Splash Mountain at Disneyland Park would close for good at the end of the day of May 30.

There were huge crowds at Disneyland Park to celebrate Memorial Day weekend and to get their last ride on the iconic Splash Mountain. The last ride on the evening of May 30 has been captured by FreshBaked! on their video posted to YouTube which is embedded below.

For anyone who wasn't able to get to Disneyland Park for their last ride, you can enjoy the POV of this classic attraction in the video which was posted by TPMvids and is embedded below.

For many Disney fans, May 30 was a very sad day and Splash Mountain will always remain as a favorite attraction reminding them of their childhood trips. We must now look to its reimagining and in mid-May, Disney released a new piece of concept art for Tiana's Bayou Adventure which will replace the iconic Splash Mountain.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure, Disney
Image: Disney

Splash Mountain officially closed at Disney's Magic Kingdom at the end of the day on January 22. There were hundreds of fans seen at the park on the last day trying to get a last ride on this iconic attraction.

As of January 23, Splash Mountain at Disney's Magic Kingdom had been erased from the park map and was replaced with Tiana's Bayou Adventure which is slated to open in late 2024. We are expecting the same thing to happen for Disneyland Park so make the most of seeing it on the official map for the last time this week.

Back in December 2022, Disney introduced plans for a new scene and critters for Tiana's Bayou Adventure. We already know that Tiana's Bayou Adventure will be based on the follow-up the events of the Princess and the Frog movie, acting like a sequel of sorts. After the movie's ending, Tiana is preparing to host a large party for Mardi Gras but is missing a key ingredient. To find it, guests will join Tiana on an adventure deep into the bayou, meeting new and familiar faces along the way as they search for this important ingredient and rush to make it to the party. 

Tiana's Bayou Adventure Model at Disney's D23 Expo
Image: Disney 

This new scene will come when you first drop into the bayou, where fireflies will light up the night and Louis will explain where the Zydeco music which can be heard is coming from. Zydeco is described as being "a special blend of rhythm and blues that was born in Louisiana, and when you hear it, you’ll feel like you’ve truly stepped into Tiana’s world."

We also meet Tiana's new critter friends which include an otter, a rabbit, a racoon, a beaver, a turtle and others. They are part of a band and are playing instruments made from materials found in the bayou.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure, Disney
Image: Disney

We await further details of how these new critters will play a role in Tiana's Bayou Adventure and will update you with all other information revealed about this exciting but perhaps controversial reimagining when they are announced. 

If you are feeling nostalgic about Splash Mountain, check out our featured article, YOU MAY GET WET: An Ode To Splash Mountain.

Splash Mountain Disneyland
Image: Disney

Are you sad to see Splash Mountain replaced with Tiana's Bayou Adventure? Do you think the new scene which was announced in December will be an exciting one? Are you pleased to see new characters being added? Let us know by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.



Makes scene to rid of the ride which is connected to a movie that regrettably but understandably isn't being released in the US. It really never made since to me why they would have this ride to some many that haven't seen the movie. I have the movie which I got from Canada. I am glad they did have it for the time they did, it was a fun ride. But its not going anywhere, seems like its going to be the same ride but a different theme that people will understand because they have seem the movie. 2024 here we come!

Guess it's official that Disney doesn't give a crap about its fans. Wonder if they will care about losing their fans' hard earned money?

I doubt the "woke" agitators rooting for the demise of Splash Mountain even care about the new ride. They're just haters who want to hate on genuine Disney fans, or maybe Br'er Fox gave them nightmares as a kid. My prediction is that this ride will ultimately flop like that Velma TV show.

It's times like these that make me wonder if Michael Eisner should have stayed in charge. At the time, I believed the Roy Disney's #SaveDisney campaign was actually going to make a difference, but the company is now more soulless than it's ever been. I wonder what Roy would think if he were still alive (or Walt for that matter). Sadly, there's no more Disney family members with influence of the company, and that's the real issue.

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