Xcelerator, Cedar Point

Although all the talk at the moment seems to revolve around the construction progress on Top Thrill Dragster, we thought we would bring you an update on the current situation with Xcelerator at Knott's Berry Farm.

A rumor which was posted by Screamscape in November 2022 said that Xcelerator at Knott's Berry Farm was expected to reopen in Spring 2023. ln December 2022, an update from Knott's Network, showed that a train was spotted on the holding brakes outside the station. The video is posted below and the train can be seen at 11:35.

Xcelerator closed for maintenance in March 2022 having had a repaint in October 2021 to the colors, red, gray, orange and yellow. The surprising thing for most Xcelerator fans is that over a year later it is still yet to reopen. 

In a video posted by the KI Coaster Guy in March we got to hear an update on Xcelerator and its potential reopening timeline. There has been a lot of speculation but the most likely scenario for the short term future of Xcelerator seems to be that Cedar Fair will look to reopen this popular Intamin Hydraulic launch coaster as soon as they have replaced the necessary part needed for its successful running.

This theory is backed up by an article on the OC Register where a Knott's official says, "Knott's Berry Farm is in communication with Liechtenstein-based Intamin Amusement Rides about replacement parts for Xceletor."

Last month there was talk from roller coaster enthusiasts online that there seemed to be work going on with the launch system. However, Knott's Berry Farm is certainly keeping everything very quiet regarding the work that is being done. Workers have been onsite at times since Xcelerator closed in March 2022 to carry out necessary routine maintenance on the coaster which is needed whilst it is closed.

The current rumor in the last week is that the replacement part which Knott's Berry Farm has been waiting for which is said to be a cable Wench Drum has arrived. If this is indeed the case and the part is now on site we expect to see work ramping up at Knott's Berry Farm soon.

A current rumor online from Knott's Network is of a summer reopening which seems plausible but we expect if this is the case a July reopening seems a lot more likely than a June one! The time stamp in the video embedded below is 16:30. However, still nothing has been officially confirmed regarding the part arrival or the potential reopening of Xcelerator by Knott's Berry Farm.

With the opening of MooteZooma delayed and now expected either later in the year or in 2024, there will surely be some word given in the next few weeks as to Knott's Berry Farm's plans for the busy summer months without potentially both these coasters in action. News that Xcelerator will reopen appears to be just what they need!

Whilst researching Xcelerator's fate online, the possibility that in time this iconic attraction will see an overhaul appears to be the most realistic option with the replacement of the existing hydraulic launch with a LSM launch the most likely route to go to secure its future. The hydraulic launch has been a notorious issue financially, with maintenance and causing frequent downtime since Xcelerator opened in June 2002.

We certainly hope any chance of this iconic and extremely popular roller coaster at Knott's Berry Farm from being dismantled is quashed and we are guessing Cedar Fair will see how well the Top Thrill Dragster reopening goes in 2024 and will then plan Xcelerator's fate accordingly.

Xcelerator, Knott's Berry Farm
Image: Cedar Fair

We will update you with further information on the reopening of Xcelerator as soon as it is announced. Extensive testing will be needed on the launch section once the new part is installed so we hope to see work getting started very soon if a summer reopening for Xcelerator is going to happen.

We will keep you posted on our news and Facebook pages. Do you think Xcelerator will reopen this summer? Let us know your thoughts by voting in our poll below and leaving us a comment below. 
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