TRON Lightcycle Run

We all have different bodies and we are all different sizes. It appears as if Disney's newest roller coaster has a significant flaw which has particularly come to light during recent Cast Member testing.

Due to unique design of the Lightcycles on TRON Lightcycle / Run there are certain restrictions which could be a problem to those guests with larger body dimensions. A twitter post on February 3, showed a lot of unhappy Cast Members this weekend which has sparked concerns about whether or not the ride will be accommodating to guests with larger proportions. Specifically, leg dimensions seem to be the biggest issue preventing some from experiencing the attraction, which is a similar issue that guests have had on Avatar: Flight of Passage at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

TRON Lightcycle / Run does have accessible seats that have a lap bar restraint, which is more accommodating but these are only included on a few trains. The problem appears to be that there are only a handful of these seats meaning parties may have to be split up and those needing these accessible seats are facing longer waits which have been currently reported as being 30+minutes.

We assume the loading process will be sped up as testing continues so wait times for the accessible seats should be reduced. It has clearly been a traumatic experience for a number of guests so far and we hope Disney can find a way to make this a better experience for all.

TRON Lightcycle Run, Disney
Image: Disney

We asked you the question, do you think there should be more accessible seats on TRON Lightcycle / Run? Well from the current results, 62% of voters have said "yes". Now, whilst we understand that usually there is only a very small proportion of accessible seats compared to standard seats, with the restrictions as they are for this new attraction, it certainly begs the question, has Disney got the correct ratio?

If someone asks us, well what is the maximum weight and height you can be to ride TRON Lightcycle / Run? Unfortunately there isn't necessarily a simple answer. We know you have to be a minimum height of 48" (122cm) to ride but from reports online it appears to be how your weight is distributed on your frame that is important and also the size of your calves. We hope Disney finds a way to make it easier for those guests needing accessible seats to be able to ride TRON Lightcycle / Run without having to be separated from their parties or having a long extended wait.

If you haven't had your say yet, there is still time to vote. Let us know your thoughts in our poll below or by leaving us a comment.

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I was at WDW two weeks ago -- as always, loved it, but left with the impression of a large number of absolutely massive people waddling around. Not plump, more like "My 600 pound life" huge.
I know there was an issue with some of the Disney rides that floated with bottoming out and getting stuck when the heavier folks sat down, but the number of guests shifting weight side to side just to walk was surprisingly frequent.
My bet is that Tron will have to enforce a weight as well as a height limit.

why is obesity the problem of the ride designers? Just like anything else in life, choices made by a consumer, cannot dictate choices made by product makers. Funny how the design of the ride for universal's mario kart, and for Disney's tron overseas had no fit issues, but it does in the US.....?

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