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UPDATE September 8 - So, we have been eagerly awaiting news of the reopening of Blizzard Beach and there has now been a rumor floated by Orlando Theme Park News that we could see Blizzard reopening "by the end of October or the beginning of November (unless unexpected issues force the park to remain closed for a longer period of time)."

Now, this comes as perhaps surprising news at a time when many Disney fans had resigned themselves to having to wait until 2023 to get to visit Blizzard Beach again. If Blizzard Beach does indeed reopen this Fall, it is expected that Typhoon Lagoon would close for its annual maintenance so we will still have to wait until 2023 for both Disney water parks to be open at the same time.

Summit plummit, Disney
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The article also speculates that improvements have been made to one of the water play areas, Tike's Peak and there may be the addition of characters such as Olaf.

Please note- this is a rumor and nothing has been officially confirmed by Disney regarding the reopening of Blizzard Beach. We will keep you posted on further updates when they are announced on our news and Facebook page.

Blizzard Beach, Disney
Image: Disney

August 14 - If someone had said back in January, when Blizzard Beach closed for refurbishment, that we wouldn't see it reopen again for the whole of 2022, we would have thought they were mad. But here we are in the middle of August and the park is still like a building site with no imminent end in sight for the construction work.

Our initial poll back in April showed that 65% of people thought Blizzard Beach would reopen in 2022, however as predicted our recent poll flips that on its head and now 84% of people think Blizzard Beach will remain closed for the entire year. We hope we can bring you positive news before 2023 but as we swiftly head through the summer months it is looking more and more unlikely this will happen. At least when Blizzard Beach finally does reopen we shouldn't see any lengthy downtime for a while!

Blizzard Beach, Disney
Image: Disney

UPDATE August 8 - We reported at the end of July that further permits had been filed for work at Blizzard Beach. Bioreconstruct has posted a new photo on twitter of the current state of construction work at the park. As you can see the tall crane still towers over the long shuttered park. This crane is expected to soon move further into the park for the next phase of the refurbishment.

The rumor that Blizzard Beach would remain closed for the entire of 2022 came all the way back in March. At that point it seemed like a ridiculous rumor. However, now I must say I feel it is becoming more and more likely. Even if construction work is complete say by the end of September which currently looks dubious, the summer will be over so there would surely be no point Disney reopening Blizzard Beach at this late stage in the year.

When we did an initial poll asking you what you thought, fans were hopeful that this rumor would be wrong with 65% saying they thought it would reopen. We are now starting a new poll. I will predict that the results will be very different to last time with the majority of fans now saying they think Blizzard Beach WILL remain closed for the whole of 2022. Have your say below.

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July 30 - We are still waiting patiently for Disney to announce a reopening date for Blizzard Beach. A further permit was recently filed on July 21, for work to be done on the wave pool, Melt-Away Bay. The contractor is listed as Page Piping Inc to carry out construction work so we are assuming this means work is being done on the pipe work. 

Construction work continues at Blizzard Beach and with further permits being filed, it certainly looks like Blizzard Beach is going to remain closed for the foreseeable future. The initial rumor floated online back in March that Blizzard Beach will remain closed for the whole of 2022 is unfortunately looking more and more likely. On a positive note, as Disney is doing such an extensive refurbishment we are hoping that when the park does eventually reopen we shouldn't see any further extended closures for a long time. We will keep you up to date on any further developments on when Blizzard Beach will reopen when it is announced.

Blizzard Beach, Disney
Image: Disney

UPDATE July 13 - We have been trying to dig deeper to try to find further news on a potential Blizzard Beach reopening but unfortunately it is still looking very quiet, with nothing still having been said by Disney about this continued extended closure.

There are currently a number of large cranes on site as refurbishments continue around the park including the replacement of sections of slide at Team Boat Springs. We also still await further news of what the permit filed at the end of May to "install show items"  will bring. 

Team Boat Springs, Disney
Image: Disney

When the rumor was originally posed back at the end of March that Blizzard Beach would remain closed for the whole of 2022, Disney fans thought this was ridiculous. But, as we head through the summer months without word of a reopening and as cranes continue to arrive and extensive refurbishments remain ongoing, we are getting increasingly worried that this rumor may turn out to be true.

We will update you as soon as there is further news on this. At least we do know that when Blizzard Beach does reopen, the park should be in tip top condition to be enjoyed for the future.

UPDATE June 10 - This week a large yellow crane has been spotted at Disney's Blizzard Beach which signals even more work is being done at the park. While refurbishments are of course needed, this extended closure at Blizzard Beach is certainly disappointing and unexpected. When Blizzard Beach closed in January 2022 we were all expecting a reopening by May ready for guests to enjoy the water park at the start of the Florida summer. 

This certainly hasn't happened and with further cranes being delivered to the park along with the permit filed at the end of May to "install show items" which made us think that there may be a new attraction coming to Blizzard Beach, it looks like Blizzard Beach won't be opening anytime soon. At this point, the rumor back in March that Blizzard Beach will remain closed for the whole of 2022 is starting to look more and more like it may become a reality. We will keep you posted with further updates when we get them on our news and Facebook page.

UPDATE May 29 - In April, Disney filed a permit for a laydown yard to store materials and machinery for refurbishment projects at the park. This week various construction vehicles and wood have arrived at Blizzard Beach. The laydown yard is situated near to the Downhill Double Dipper, Snow Stormers, and Toboggan Racers on the Purple Slopes and the Runoff Rapids on the Red Slopes.

Disney hasn't confirmed exactly which attractions are set for refurbishment but what with this latest development it doesn't look like Disney has any plans just yet to reopen Blizzard Beach. With the summer months quickly approaching we are hoping that these refurbishment projects which are continuing at the park will be completed as soon as possible so guests can once again enjoy everything Blizzard Beach has to offer in the heat of the Florida summer. We will keep you posted on further updates when they are announced.

PLEASE NOTE - this is a rumor. Disney has not made an official announcement yet regarding when Blizzard Beach will be reopening.

March 23 - Blizzard Beach closed for refurbishment back in January 2022 when Disney's Typhoon Lagoon opened after its refurbishment. From Disney's official calendar we know Blizzard Beach will remain closed until at least May at the earliest.

It has been reported on Screamscape that Blizzard Beach may remain closed for the rest of 2022 in order to complete a number of maintenance projects including possibly adding a Red Slope tube conveyor for the three Runoff Rapids slides, improving night lighting for after hours events and carrying out work on the chairlift.

We were certainly expecting Disney to reopen Blizzard Beach in time for the extremely busy summer season so this rumor comes as quite a shock. This rumor has not been commented on from Disney or confirmed so we will be sure to keep you up to date with further news as and when we get it. 

As Walt Disney World is seeing massive crowds for Spring Break and the remainder of March and early April we can't see Disney keeping Blizzard Beach closed for the whole of 2022. Although there must be a list of maintenance projects to do, we don't understand how this decision will make sense for Disney or for guests especially as COVID-19 measures continue to lessen and Walt Disney World is celebrating their 50th year.

Walt Disney World Castle, Disney
Image: Disney

Do you think Disney will keep Blizzard Beach closed for the rest of 2022? Let us know by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.



Due to my son's disability, we can only go to Blizzard Beach and it be enjoyable. We have to use a wheelchair at the parks because his muscle tone won't support long walking, but the ski-lift makes it possible for him to actually use this water park (unlike Typhoon Lagoon). He enjoys riding the big family tube ride over and over again ad nauseum lol, and then floating down the lazy river for 5 hours. Because it's not open for this summer we've cancelled our entire Disney trip! I'm sure this is unique to us, but opening it would go a long way towards supporting lower muscle-toned disabled children.

To me this screams Disney trying to cost cut. Why have 2 water parks open when they feel only 1 will cover it. I've always found the water parks to be relaxing days in Disney World and fear going to Typhoon Lagoon this year won't be as relaxing due doubling the crowds making it feel really busy.

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