Revenge of the Mummy, Universal

UPDATE August 18 - After Team Member peviews for Revenge of the Mummy took place last week, we have been scouring the internet for news of the changes which are rumored to have been made during this extensive refurbishment. We know that Universal Team Members have been strictly instructed not to talk about their experience but inevitably information has leaked. However, we can not confirm officially any of the below points just yet:

  • Brendan Fraser has NOT been removed and the classic coffee line is still there
  • Trains are essentially the same as before but have been cleaned up
  • Any broken effects have been fixed throughout the attraction
  • Better lighting at certain points in the attraction
  • Video wall has been installed in classic scarab scene 

It seems likely due to the length of the refurbishment that any parts of the track which needed replacing have been and we are expecting a very smooth and effects filled ride. 

With Team Member testing having taken place and seemingly all finishing touches complete we are now ready and poised for a reopening at any time. We will keep you posted on our news and Facebook page.

Revenge of the Mummy, Universal
Image: Universal

UPDATE August 13 - Only this morning we reported the results from our recent poll where 86% of people think Revenge of the Mummy will reopen in time for Halloween Horror Nights and today the plastic covers have been taken off the windows and between 11:00AM to 5:00PM Universal held an exclusive preview for Team Members. Comments online from the lucky Team Members who got to ride today appear to be overwhelmingly positive which is great to hear.

We still await an official reopening date but expect this to be very soon. We will keep you posted on our news and Facebook page.

Revenge of the Mummy, Universal
Image: Universal

UPDATE August 13 - Based on the results from our current poll, Universal fans seem very confident that Revenge of the Mummy will reopen in time for Halloween Horrror Nights with 86% of people saying "yes" and only 14% saying "no".

Halloween Horror Nights, Universal
Image: Universal

We have heard a rumor online that Universal were trying to get the roller coaster open by August 15, although as this is only a couple of days away and there still hasn't been an official announcement we are sceptical. We will keep you updated on our news and Facebook page. If you haven't had your say yet, you can still vote below.


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UPDATE August 10 - With rumors still flying online as to when The Revenge of the Mummy will reopen at Universal Studios Florida, the simple but frustrating answer is that we still don't know. However, we do know that Revenge of the Mummy Team Members have been seen in costume and are being retrained which gives us further hope that a reopening is in sight.

Some fans are speculating a reopening in time for the start of Halloween Horror Nights which will soon be upon us on September 2, but again this has not been confirmed or denied by Universal. We will keep you informed and will let you know further information as soon as it is announced. In the mean time let us know your thoughts on whether you think the Revenge of the Mummy will be open for Halloween Horror Nights by voting in our poll below.

UPDATE July 31 - Excitement has been running very high at Universal Studios Florida this week as finishing touches appear to being made to Revenge of the Mummy. We now have news that the extended queue ropes and shade umbrellas have been set up outside. 

The rumor of an August 2, reopening looks like it could certainly be a possibility. We will update you with further news as soon as we have official confirmation.

UPDATE July 29 - While Revenge of the Mummy has been closed for refurbishment, the exit gift shop has been a Classic Monsters Tribute Store named 'A Tribute To The Creatures Of The Night' since the end of January. Inside Universal has posted a tweet showing that Sahara Traders is getting ready to return to being an exit gift shop with photo kiosks and a counter having been added. Imhotep has also returned home!

We are all waiting for a confirmed reopening date for Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Florida and news that the ride's exit gift shop, Sahara Traders, is getting ready to reopen certainly shows that things are heading in the right direction. We will update you on the reopening date for this popular attraction as soon as it is announced.

UPDATE (January 28) - The new Classic Monsters Tribute Store named 'A Tribute To The Creatures Of The Night' has opened at Universal Studios Florida today. It will be open daily until The Revenge of the Mummy reopens.

It is no surprise that Universal fans are missing The Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Florida. This week it has come to light that the exit gift shop from the popular ride is going to be made into a Classic Monsters Tribute Store which will be in place for the duration of the rides refurbishment.

Universal has been renown for their Tribute Stores over recent years and this one is set to entertain guests who are missing their Mummy fix. Posters have been spotted in Universal Studios Florida which can be seen in this tweet.

We haven't got any further details of exactly what will be included in this temporary Tribute store when it opens but Universal certainly has a whole host of classic monsters that could inhabit it. The likes of The Mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein and Wolf Man would all be great to see along with many more. 

It has also been reported that we are to see an updated Sahara Traders when The Mummy Returns reopens at the end of the Summer after its lengthy refurbishment.

Let us know what you think about the news of a classic monsters Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.


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