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Patents are filed for a whole host of contraptions and it has come to our attention that Disney has recently filed a patent for a Robotic sherpa which can best be described as a rocket mobile locker to help guests who bring a lot of items to Disney theme parks.

The abstract for the patent reads as below:

"Embodiments disclosed herein include a mobile locker. The mobile locker can include a mobility unit to enable the locker to relocate from one location to another. The mobile locker is modular which allows the storage compartment to be detached from the mobility unit for storage, transfer via other means. The storage compartment can be coupled either the same or a different mobility unit. The mobile lockers can be recalled by a customer to either the customer's location or to designated locations at the venue. The lockers can include any one of multiple locking mechanisms. The mobile locker can communicate with a monitoring center that oversees the deployment of multiple mobile lockers. Embodiments of the mobile locker can interact with customers through a display, microphone, and speaker."

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Now, you may need time to get your head around the concept which broken down is essentially:

  • This would be a mobile unit which guests could store items in that they might need for the day. 
  • Insulated compartment would be available to store cold drinks.
  • Guests could summon their mobile unit to join them at their exact location or to a designated area within the park when they needed to access their mobile locker to get out or put anything into it. This could be helpful for lunch items, drinks, umbrellas, jackets etc.  
  • The mobile unit would interact with guests through a microphone, display and feature and would be equipped with sensors to avoid collisions.

According to the Orlando Business Journal, Disney doesn't have any plans for the specific implementation of the Robotic Sherpa at the moment but I guess with the filing of this patent we may one day not have to watch out for only strollers at Walt Disney World but mobile locker robots too!

Epcot, Disney
Image: Disney

Do you think Disney should bring mobile robot lockers to Walt Disney World? I can see how these could work for some people who choose to take a lot of items to the parks but I think for now I would rather continue streamlining anything I take to Walt Disney World and then carry my backpack to keep my personal belongings close by to access whenever I want to.

Also it seems inevitable that this would be yet another aspect which would require you to be interacting with your cell phone. Vote in our poll below and let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.


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