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UPDATE June 25 - When the Hogwarts Express returned from its brief refurbishment last week there was one big change, Harry Potter's trusted owl, Hedwig had been freed from her cage on platform 9 3/4. We asked you if you agree with this change. Now, if asking someone should an owl be trapped in a cage, most people would likely say "no, no, no". But, the important point here is that the reason that Hedwig is trapped in her cage is because she is now about the board the Hogwarts Express with Harry.

So, the results for our debate are now in for, Should Hedwig Be Free From Her Cage On Platform 9 3/4?

  • Yes - 57%
  • No - 43%

So, majority still think Universal has done the right thing freeing Hedwig from her cage even though she is now about to board the Hogwarts Express, however, 43% disagree. If you haven't had your say yet, you can cast your vote below.


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June 21 - We recently found out, when the Hogwarts Express reopened at the weekend after its brief refurbishment for routine maintenance, that the only noticeable difference was that Harry Potter's owl, Hedwig, had been freed from her cage.

Now this has sparked confusion online amongst many Universal fans. The reason for the freeing of Hedwig who previously sat in her cage on top of Harry's luggage was given as being because showing her trapped in her cage somehow condones the trapping of owls in cages in real life.

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Image: Theme Park Tourist

Some Universal fans have hit back saying that it doesn't make sense for Hedwig to be sitting free on Platform 9 3/4. The only reason why she is trapped in her cage is because she is ready to board the Hogwarts Express and therefore needs to be in her cage. 

Elsewhere in the films we see Hedwig flying free which shows that owls shouldn't ever be trapped in a cage, unless being transported when indeed most animals would need to be in a cage for their own and everyone else's safety.

Harry Potter, Warner Bros, J.K.Rowling
Image: Warner Bros, Wizarding World

Some people will undoubtedly not bother either way whether Hedwig is indeed in her cage or free from it on Platform 9 3/4, especially as we are obviously talking about an animatronic owl not a real one. But, for some Harry Potter fans it certainly seems to have hit a nerve.

Let us know your thoughts on whether you think Universal has done the right thing to free the animatronic Hedwig on Platform 9 3/4 from her cage by voting in our poll below. 


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