Blizzard Beach, Disney

UPDATE May 16 - Results are now in for our recent Big Debate where we asked you, Do you think Blizzard Beach will reopen in 2022? It looks like our readers are hopeful that Blizzard Beach will reopen in 2022 with 65% saying "yes" and the remaining 35% saying "no".

With a rumor back in March that we could see Blizzard Beach closed for the whole of 2022, this understandably left Disney fans down hearted. We also learnt that a permit had been filed in April for labor, materials and electrical work. Whilst it is encouraging that Disney is doing necessary refurbishments to the park, with the weather heating up and the summer months fast approaching, many fans are eager to hear news of the reopening of Blizzard Beach. The park closed in January for refurbishment and we were expecting it to reopen in time for spring break which hasn't happened. Still an official announcement hasn't been made by Disney regarding when we are likely to see Blizzard Beach reopening. We will keep you posted with updates when they are confirmed.

Blizzard Beach, Disney
Image: Disney

April 30 - Many fans of Walt Disney World water parks will be asking themselves this exact question. Blizzard Beach closed in January for its annual refurbishment and so far we have had no confirmed date as to when the water park will reopen.

We initially thought that Blizzard Beach would reopen for the very busy spring break but unfortunately that hasn't happened. Also, from looking at the Walt Disney World official calendar it doesn't look like a return date will be happening soon.

Blizzard Beach, Disney
Image: Theme Park Tourist

A rumor which was floated online back in March led us to believe that Blizzard Beach may not reopen at all in 2022. There was also a permit filed on April 13 for work to be carried out at Blizzard Beach including labor, materials and electrical work which could mean a further delay to the original planned reopening schedule.

On one hand you would think Disney is doing everything it can to get Blizzard Beach open as soon as possible so guests can have two water parks to choose from. On the other hand, is it in Disney's best interest financially to keep it closed for the rest of 2022? 

Magic Kingdom
Image: Kimberley Crawford

Walt Disney World has been extremely busy so far in 2022 and we are expecting crowds to continue into the summer months and especially as the weather gets hotter seeing Blizzard Beach reopening would certainly be welcome news for most guests.

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Walt Disney World 50th, Disney
Image: Disney

So, do you think Blizzard Beach will reopen in 2022? The options are very simple:

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