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We reported back on January 9, 2021 that guests had been dismayed when they were given a plastic bag rather than the expected complementary carry case listed on the Walt Disney World website for their newly created light saber at the end of their Savi's workshop experience in Star Wars: Galaxy Edge at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The lack of carry case was down to "supply chain issues" which we hoped would be quickly resolved. Initially Disney offered no compenation for this which infuriated and upset guests even more, with the only choice being to deal with it or have a refund. After uproar from fans, Disney quickly began offering a 10% discount (just over $20) for guests to make up for the change.

Image: Disney

It seems that the carry cases were not the only thing Disney was having "supply chain issues" with. It has come to our attention that plastic bags have also been handed out to anyone purchasing a droid recently from the Droid Depot rather than the usual cardboard carrying box.

There is good news, the cardboard carrying boxes have returned to the Droid Depot and we are hoping this is a good sign that the Light Saber carrying cases will soon return to Savi's Workshop too.

Although to some, fussing over a carry case for a light saber may seem ridiculous, this issue has caused upset for many Star Wars Fans and we hope there is now light at the end of the tunnel and harmony back in the galaxy when this issue is finally resolved.



Any updates on this?

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The carry cases for the lightsabers have been available again at Savi's Workshop since February 9.

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