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Back in January 2021, Disney officially announced that they were completely cancelling the Disneyland Annual Passholder program, promising new membership options would be available. 

We now know that the Disneyland Annual Passholder Program will be replaced with a "Loyalty" Repeat Visitor Program. Unfortunately the name of this new Program is pretty much all we know. In this week's Big Debate we wanted to gauge opinion on this news to see how it will affect you, so we asked Will You Miss The Disneyland Annual Passholder Program?


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We gave three options and here are the results:

  • Yes - 60%
  • No - 17%
  • Was never an option for me (location, money, etc) - 23%

Understandably 23% voted that the Disneyland Annual Passholder Program was never an option for them, either due to location or money but out of the remaining 77%, 59% said they would miss the Program.

Your Thoughts and Comments

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As always in our Results article, we include a selection of your thoughts and comments to hopefully summarise both sides of the debate:

"I feel bad for my grandchildren in one way but imagine the $$ they will save. In 1994 tickets to Disneyland were $25 per person. Annual passes were $100 per person. We were a family of 4 pass holders from 1994-2006. Most of the time in Cali. Two years in Florida. Now I’m a retired cast member."

"We Loved our Premier Pass! So 😥"

"I was an annual pass holder from August 2015 to September 2019 for Disneyland! What I loved about being an AP was ABLE to enter both parks on select days (I had Deluxe pass, best imo) and just enjoy the rides and meet characters for a nice full day! Obviously the crowds did get out of control, imo 2017 was definitely crazy with crowds! I enjoyed the discounts and having a bit of an advantage over regular guests! It was honestly the best time! However by 2019 Dland was no longer allowing APs to access both parks on the same day! I wasn't happy about it so I did not renew and let it expire in 2019! I can't answer whether I miss the AP program now, It was getting to expensive and the parks weren't as magical (imo) as the used to be!"

"Glad they got rid of it. I enjoyed it in its early days but the parks started to become overcrowded (mainly after the 50th) and the lost a lot if its charm. They kept raising prices and I no longer felt it was worth the price anymore either. Glad I went when I did, maybe in a few years I'll go back visit, but for now with all the mess going on, I'm good!"

"We had passes for over 20 years. It's disappointing and it sucks Disney has no loyalty to its pass holders."

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From the comments above it appears that the perks for Disneyland Annual Passholders had diminished in the last few years. For a lot of Disneyland fans it is clearly upsetting that the Disneyland Annual Passholder Program has been cancelled. The only thing we can do now is to wait and see what the "Loyalty" Repeat Visitor Program has to offer.

If you haven't voted or had chance to have your say on this issue and would like to, leave us a comment below or on our Facebook Page.



This is misinformation concerning not being able to enter both parks on the same day with a Disneyland Annual Pass. All Annual Passes at Disneyland were "Park Hoppers", except for a brief period when California Adventure first opened (in 2001) when there was no Annual Pass access to that park. Followed shortly thereafter, when CA did not meet attendance expectations, when we could add it to our existing Annual Passes (for a non-prorated $100 as i recall). About a year later, all Annual Passes became Park Hoppers, and you could enter either or both parks every day your Annual Pass was valid.

Thanks Dan, the information regarding this came from one of our readers so there must be a misunderstanding regarding Park Hopping. I have left the reader's comment in the article but have updated the part where I said that this was one of the perks that had been taken away in recent years. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to explain this further.

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