Disney's Magic Kingdom, Castle

If you are choosing to read anything on Theme Park Tourist it stands to reason that you love theme parks. It is also therefore highly likely that you love visiting the Disney theme parks around the world.

COVID-19 has stopped a lot of Disney fans being able to visit their beloved parks over the last 18 months. With vaccination rates increasing and COVID-19 cases generally decreasing we are now at a point where for many theme park fans, a trip to Disney feels within reach again.

Walt Disney World, Disney
Image: Disney

With what seems like inevitable and never ending price hikes at Disney parks, the big question is will you be able to afford to go to Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort now and in the future?

KOALA, the company that connects vacationers with Time Share Owners, has conducted a research study to predict the likely price of a one-day ticket to each Disney property around the world in ten years time, 2031. Mike Kennedy, Cofounder and CEO of KOALA said:

"It's always interesting to see how prices increase over time. It's hard to imagine the price of an adult ticket to Disneyland California was just $2.50 in 1955. It's $124 today, and if trends continue, an equivalent ticket would cost a hefty $222 in ten years time. We're predicting similar increases in the other Disney parks, although at different rates. The Asian parks, in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo, will likely remain more affordable."

The study was conducted by finding out the original cost of a ticket to each Disney resort when they first opened and then having compared it with current ticket prices they used this increase to predict how much a ticket to each resort is likely to cost in 2031.


Disney's Magic Kingdom, Castle
Image: Disney

When Walt Disney World opened in 1971, the one-day ticket price was just $3.50 ($22.61 adjusted for inflation). The study shows that there has been an average increase of 7.4% each year which has now brought the ticket price to $124. If this level of increase continues KOALA predicts that the price of a one-day ticket to Walt Disney World in 2031 will be over double of what it is now at $253.20.

That seems like a huge amount of money for just one day. Inevitably, special multi-day ticket prices will surely continue to be offered by Disney for guests to take advantage of. I just think this really hits home to any Disney fan that if you plan to go, a lot of saving may be required. Despite these large predicted price hikes Mike Kennedy said:

"Despite the steep increase in price, millions of families continue to travel to the parks each year and pay a premium to experience that Disney magic. At KOALA, we've seen a steady rise in bookings to the Orlando area in particular — evidence that Disney's trademark fun and R&R continues to be a lure, especially for families planning their post-pandemic "comeback" vacations. Fortunately, there are plenty of other ways to save on a Disney vacation, such as renting a timeshare directly from the owner."

Image: Disney

It appears from the report that Shanghai Disney Resort will remain the most affordable, although for those living in the US or UK it would be the cost of getting there that would surely be the major problem. Here is a breakdown of the results of this study below:

Future Predicted Cost of Disney Ticket Price (KOALA Research Project)
Rank Location Opening Price (USD) Current Price (USD)  Predicted 2031 Price (USD) % Increase Opening to 2031
1 Disneyland $2.50 $124 $223.96 88858.4%
Walt Disney World $3.50 $124 $253.20 7134.29%
3 Disneyland Paris $36 $94.11 $130.72 259.89%
4 Hong Kong Disneyland $45 $82.21 $119.71 165.87%
5 Tokyo Disney Resort $39 $74.96 $89.42 132.9%
Shanghai Disney Resort $57 $60.91 $70.83 25.4%

To read the full study, visit go-koala.com. Let us know what you think about these predicted price increases by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.



What KOALA isn't taking into consideration, at least for the US parks, is that the opening days didn't include admission to most of the attractions. Yes, it was $2.50 to enter Disneyland and $3.50 to enter Disney World, but you also had to purchase ride tickets. (Have we forgotten the "E" ticket?)

There is no doubt that a trip to a Disney park has increased dramatically over time, but the very matrix they're using is flawed.

This is a good point Scott. I think it is inevitable that the price will rise considerably over the next ten years I guess we will just have to wait and see to what extent. Hopefully it won't be the doubling that KOALA predict!

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