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In this week's Big Debate we asked you, Should Disney Remove the "Hanging Ghost" From Haunted Mansion? This was sparked by news in mid-April that a Disney Spokesperson, when communicating with the LA Times had stated that Disney is considering removing the "Hanging Ghost" scene from the Haunted Mansion, saying, “It’s been discussed for sure,” and adding that “It’s definitely something that we’re thinking about.”

This may have come as quite a shock to some Walt Disney World fans who consider the iconic "Hanging ghost" scene in the pre-show of the Haunted Mansion omnimover attraction as pinnacle to the storyline. For others they may have ridden the Haunted Mansion a number of times and not have even realised it existed as it is only lit for a very short time.

Some may argue that the subject of the "Hanging Ghost" scene is too closely linked to perhaps suicide and lynching and is therefore inappropriate in a Disney attraction. Others may put forward the opinion that if choosing to ride the Haunted Mansion it is obvious that gruesome and disturbing things may lie within and you can not remove everything that may offend people.


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Now, I shared my predictions with you for the first time in this debate where I surmised that as this was a voluntary vote those that felt strongly enough about Disney not getting rid of the "Hanging ghost" scene would be the ones that would vote therefore I thought the majority would vote "No". Here are the results to this week's Big Debate which asked you the question, Should Disney Remove "Hanging Ghost" From Haunted Mansion?:

  • Yes -  5% 
  • No - 95%

It looks like for this debate, I predicted correctly. Perhaps I should have had a category which said "I don't mind either way" to cater for those that think exactly that. For me personally I don't honestly think it would make too much difference to my enjoyment of the attraction, I would just be thrilled to be able to be at Walt Disney World right now.

Your Thoughts and Comments

Haunted Mansion, Disney
Image: Theme Park Tourist

As always in our Big Debate Results article we include a selection of your comments to share to hopefully show both sides of the debate:

"No. Because it would ruin the entire stretching room and ruin the tone."

"No. At some point, people need to be confronted with something and THEY decide how to deal with it rather than making EVERYTHING neutral for everyone. Life is not all dandelions and roses. We need to flex coping skills at times."

"I voted no, but I am open to it being removed if replaced by a similar story beat that enhances the experience. I do understand why people want it removed."

"It wouldn’t ruin the ride for me if they did. Either way it would still remain a favorite."

"You can hardly even see it for the two seconds it's even there."

"No. At some point, people need to be confronted with something and THEY decide how to deal with it rather than makng EVERYTHING neutral for everyone. Life is not all dandelions and roses. We need to flex coping skills at times."

"It must have offended someone, some how, otherwise, why would they want to remove it? It’s part of the fun of this attraction. Cancel culture is ruining everything."

"Ok to be honest I've been to WDW around 10 times over the last 20 years. I've ridden Haunted Mansion at least once per visit. Until all the articles came up about this I had never noticed the hanging man. I've been on this ride at least 12 times and never noticed it."

"No. It’s the story line. And most don’t even look up."

"Keep Hanging Ghost. Downplay the overly-colorful nighttime lighting. The attraction is campy enough, arguably, too much so. Leave the Hanging Ghost right where it is."

Magic Kingdom Castle, Disney
Image: Disney

So, in summary majority of our readers definitely seem to be in favor of keeping the "Hanging Ghost". If you haven't had your say yet regarding this issue, leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page to let you know what you think. 

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