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In our latest Big Debate we asked you, Is Disney Right To Wind Down Social Distancing Measures On Some Rides? It was announced last week that in order to increase capacity on a number of popular rides at Walt Disney World, social distancing measures which have been in place since the parks reopened in July would cease on the following rides; Slinky Dog Dash, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Avatar: Flight of Passage and Expedition Everest. 

With COVID-19 cases still very high in Florida it may seem for many that Disney is jumping the gun to wind down social distancing on a number of its rides. For others, with no COVID-19 cases currently directly reported to be linked to Walt Disney World parks and the need for Disney to be increasing capacity on rides as visitor numbers increase, winding down social distancing on those rides that it is safe to do so on may seem like a sensible idea.


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This poll has seen a lot of interest and the question of Is Disney Right To Wind Down Social Distancing Measures On Some Rides? has seen the following results:

  • Yes - 37% 
  • No - 63%

Well, 63% of voters think Disney are making the wrong decision to wind down social distancing measures on a number of rides including the very popular  Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run.  As usual in our RESULTS article we will include a number of your comments on this subject, hopefully showing both sides of the debate...

Your Thoughts And Comments

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"As long as people have there masks on shouldn’t be an isssue they need to eventually get back to the Disney that everyone knows and loves I was there in august with my family really did have a great time and felt very safe."

"I don't think it matters because the lines are still six feet apart with each family."

"Seems like they're jumping the gun a smidge. But if everyone has their masks on, it should be fine regardless."

"Yes! Its past due to get back to normal."

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"Why extend the risk level before the vaccine is distributed? Foolish."

"YES!!! It’s up to the individual not government not a corporation take personal responsibility."

"Very disappointed to see Disney 'wind down' social distancing."

"If mask and social distancing worked in the first place covid cases should have gone down over the last 8 months not up. And I’d hope by now people are smart enough not go if they aren’t comfortable. If we want Disneyworld to be around in the future as I’m sure 30k employees do they need to start filling the parks again because they have been losing money hand over fist."

"Looking at the Covid infections, deaths, and hospitalizations everywhere in the USA needs more social distancing measures, not less."

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We have included just a few comments here as there are many linked to the loss of loved ones and also those that are losing businesses and are affected by the impact to the economy. This is inevitably a very difficult subject, here in the UK we are now at the start of our third national Lockdown as COVID-19 cases sky-rocket due to the new variant of the virus. 

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