Green Lantern, B&M

This week's Big Debate focused on the new patented Stand-up B&M coaster. Stand-up coasters have always been very divisive among roller coaster enthusiasts with a large proportion of people finding them gimmicky and uncomfortable. We recently heard that B&M engineers have come up with a new technology to hopefully eliminate the problems often encountered by Stand-up coasters that are currently on offer around the world.

This new patent includes a "vest-style restraint" and standing "seats" that not only lock to a comfortable height for each rider, but now can also slightly adjust during the ride. In our latest poll, we asked you the question, Would You Want To Ride The New Patented Stand-Up B&M Coaster?

The results are in and it seems to be a win for the new B&M stand- up coaster:

  • Yes - 64% 
  • No - 36%

It looks like for 36% of voters, even with new restraints and move able seats, the stand-up coaster will never be on their park hit list. For the remaining 64%, the new patented B&M Stand-up coaster is something that they are wanting to try out.

Of the Stand-up coasters I have experienced, I must say I fall very much in the "don't like them" camp, purely due to the discomfort felt every time I have ridden one. I am, however, very intrigued by this new-age Stand-up coaster and would definitely have to give it a try. I would be very hopeful to see a massive improvement on what has gone before.

Green Lantern, B&M
Image: B&M

Here are a selection of comments on this topic for you to enjoy:

"I love stand-ups, that's just such a different feeling. Hard to put my shoulders in the harness at times. Shockwave at KD was fun, except for after the helix. And, that one at Carowinds, I really enjoy that one."

"Stand up coasters are such a gimmick. Not a fan."

"I rode Iron Wolf at SFGA plenty of times. It was enjoyable, so I would try it. Just need to lose a few lbs to fit."

"I'll try anything once. I was never a huge fan of SFGAm's Iron Wolf or CP's Mantis, but I loved SFMM's Riddler's Revenge."

"I would assume they’ve learned from past mistakes. If they can actually make it an enjoyable experience, I think it’s worth a shot."

"I’ve only rode one stand up in my life at 6 flags over GA. And it was agonizing. I never want to do it again."

"Nope. It is fun to ride, but the shaking of my head from side to side is too much for me."

"You would have to pay me a significant amount of $"

Sure, I’ll ride just about anything.

As predicted we see through the comments the two clear sides of the coin. At the end of the day, Stand-up coasters seem to be a personal preference and I think it will be difficult for them to completely lose their gimmicky and uncomfortable stereotype. From our poll it looks like B&M have the majority of theme park fans willing to back them. Can they pull it off? I guess only time will tell.


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