7. Ample Hills Creamery  

 Dakota Gardner

Image: Dakota Gardner

Park: Disney Springs

Original Opening Date:  Fall 2020

Status: Cancelled 

Despite operating a popular location at Disney's BoardWalk Resort for the last 5 years, it has been announced that the Ample Hills Creamery will not reopen, and the Disney Springs location, which was in the early construction phases before the COVID-19 shutdown will not be moving forward. No reason was given for the abrupt removal of Ample Hills from Disney Property, but we'd guess the company is short on cash following its bankruptcy filing earlier this year and it could not reach an agreement to work with Disney

8. Beatrix

Image: Beatrix

Park: Disney Springs

Original Opening Date:  Fall 2020

Status: "On hold"

Beatrix, a new restaurant that was previously under construction at Disney Springs and was set to feature healthy foods including vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan options along with fresh-squeezed juice cocktails has halted construction on their new location. As of right now the entire project is "on hold" according to an official statement by the company with "a restart date yet [to be] determined”. It is unknown if this project is simply delayed or will eventually be cancelled. 

9. Space 220

Image: Disney

Park: Epcot

Original Opening Date:  Spring 2020

Status: TBA

Space 220, an ambitious new dining concept that will be part of the Mission: Space pavilion, was originally slated to open earlier this year, but an issue with broken glass delayed its opening to Spring 2020. And unfortunately when Walt Disney World closed down back in March, this project missed its pushed back opening date. And though Epcot is now open with limited dining options, Space 220 is still not available.

However, there is some good news as signage for this dining option has recently been spotted at Epcot, and with the recent roll back of regulations regarding dining, this new restaurant could begin operating very soon. 

10. Ice Breaker

Image: SeaWorld

Park: SeaWorld Orlando

Original Opening Date:  Spring 2020

Status: Delayed until 2021

SeaWorld has been betting big on their new Ice Breaker roller coaster attraction which was supposed to open this spring, and will blast guests through four different launches, both backwards and forwards, culminating in a reverse launch into the steepest beyond vertical drop in Florida — a 93-foot tall spike with 100-degree angle. 

And though this new record-breaking roller coaster has been fully built and its trains placed on the track, SeaWorld's recent financial woes may keep it from testing for awhile. During a recent earnings call, SeaWorld confirmed this attraction's opening will be delayed until next year, when the park can return to full operation, so we'd guess that this new ride will be open by next summer. 

11. Iron Gwazi

Image: Busch Gardens

Park: Busch Gardens Tampa

Original Opening Date:  Spring 2020

Status: Delayed until 2021

Though Ice Breaker over at SeaWorld Orlando hasn't been able to test at all, over at Busch Gardens Iron Gwazi was actually testing right up until the park closure last spring. And though this ride is basically ready, Busch Gardens parent company SeaWorld has only confirmed that this attraction's opening will happen sometime next year, when the park can return to full operation. 

12. Pantheon 

Image: Busch Gardens

Park: Busch Gardens Williamsburg 

Original Opening Date:  Summer 2020

Status:  Will open in 2021


Pantheon, the new record-breaking roller coaster coming soon to Busch Gardens Williamsburg has officially been delayed until 2021. This new ride was announced several years ago and will reach speeds up to 72.5 mph with a 95-degree drop and heights up to 180 feet with four launches and a “switch track” similar to that used by Universal Orlando Resort's Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure attraction. No official opening target has been released yet beyond 2021, but considering the seasonal nature of this park it seems safe to assume this ride will be open by summer. 



Sad time for theme parks. Who would of thought that almost entire USA theme parks would be shut down. Most parks can probably survive but the towns that they are in will hurt more. But I just hope at least Disneyland could take the closure time to get some major park work done. True they are not making money but they will defiantly make it once they reopen.

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