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Here at Theme Park Tourist, we pride ourselves on giving you the news, we love keeping you up to date with all the latest announcements from your favorite theme parks across the world. During the unprecedented last four months, at a time when uncertainty and speculation has been the only thing there has been to report on, it has been interesting to see that some of our readers have loved to read the "what might happen" articles and some readers have criticized these, only wanting actual news.

We understand both view points and because of this we will always prioritise bringing you actual news of confirmed changes and announcements. However, in these uncertain times we are also having to think outside the box and to expand our current offerings in order to try to sustain ourselves as a business so we can continue to bring you theme park news as well as informative featured articles from our team of expert writers.

We are therefore trialling, articles titled clearly as RUMOR so you know that this is not confirmed news but is something that may come to fruition and we are giving you a potential heads up on it. For those readers who are not interested in speculation, please head to our News or Features Page.

RUMOR - Six Flags to announce new rides for 2021

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Now we already know across the theme park world that due to the COVID-19 situation and mass theme park closures that majority of the new rides and attractions scheduled for 2020 opening have been put back to 2021 or beyond. We also know that all theme parks financially have taken a massive hit in 2020 with many such as Kings Dominion, California's Great Adventure, Carowinds and Valleyfair not reopening at all for the remainder of the 2020 season.

Over at Screamscape they have got wind that Six Flags is going to announce a number of new rides for 2021 that haven't yet been confirmed before. These projects are likely to have already been in progress before the COVID-19 pandemic struck and due to each individual parks current situation may or may not now come to fruition.

The announcement date is rumored to be August 27

Six Flags Magic Mountain

The date that an official announcement is rumored to be scheduled for is Thurday August 27, 2020.

If the rumors are true the following rides could be on the horizon at Six Flags parks across the US:

  • Zamperla style family flat rides
  • A turbo-charged version of the S&S Screamin Swing 
  • For Six Flags Magic Mountain  - A RMC, likely an extended Jersey Devil layout  
  • A S&S ride, rumored to be a follow-up to last summer’s Maxx Force at Six Flags Great America
  • A mystery coaster project from Premier Rides

As we said, these are all just rumors at the moment but we will be sure to keep you updated with all the official announcements from Six Flags Parks when they appear.

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