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The world has been a rather difficult and depressing place over the last few months with story after story about COVID-19.

This story caught my attention today, it outlines a way that Japan are trying to help stop the spread of COVID-19 by asking theme park goers not to scream on their theme park attractions.

You may ask, how is not screaming going to help with COVID-19? It is apparently based on certain health officials judgements who have said that coughing and singing can spread droplets widely, which is obviously something that needs to be avoided during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Theme park operators are urging guests to "Enjoy the ride, just don’t let your voice show it."

Back in May when the theme parks in Japan began reopening, Japans Theme Park Association announced the ban on screaming along with a recommendation for mask wearing. Mask wearing is voluntary although more or less universally followed. The guidelines urge guests to think of others safety by not screaming on theme park rides, but screaming will not be punished. Most parks in the country are adopting these industry guidelines, including Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan.

Tokyo Disneyland
Image: Disney

The article decribes how the chief executive and the corporate boss of Fuji-Q Highland amusement park boarded the Fujiyama roller coaster, which is the park's top attraction, and didn't utter a noise during the entire ride. For those of you who don't know, the ride includes a 230 feet drop, they appeared to be unphased. A video was also included which ended with the message, “Please scream inside your heart.”

The Big Debate: Should Screaming Be Banned on Roller Coasters?

Universal Studios Japan
Image: Universal

I can hear you saying it now "There's no way I can't scream on a rollercoaster", we know there are some that are unsuprisingly more scream inducing than others.

Japan are asking guests not to scream on roller coasters, do you think it is something that is needed? Do you think this ban is ever going to be successful? Do you think this ban will be trialled in the US?

So many questions, with few answers right now. The Walt Disney Company hasn't so far commented on this. I personally don't think it is something that anyone in the US needs to worry about right now.

I thought, however, it would hopefully be a light hearted debate to take part in. Apologies now to anyone that disagrees with me, for those readers, please ignore this and go to our News Page for the latest updates from Walt Disney World and other theme parks around the world or click on one of our latest features which are linked to at the end of this article. 


So, here it is, Should Screaming Be Banned on Roller Coasters?:

  • Yes
  • No

CLICK HERE to vote and don't forget to share this with your friends and family.

We are all undoudtedly expecting a huge win for 'NO' here but as with all of our debates, it doesn't always turn out completely how you expect it to.

Jasmine's Flying Carpet
Image: Disney

We always love to hear your comments and are proud of our community on Theme Park Tourist so we ask you to be respectful of all others readers views. You can leave comments on our Facebook Page or below.

Many of these comments will feature in our Results and Discussion for this debate which will be coming soon to Theme Park Tourist, so don't forget to look out for it!

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