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In a week where Florida's new COVID-19 cases have been reported on Saturday as being over 11,000, the spike being seen in the theme park capital of the world doesn't seem to be subsiding as of yet.

With Walt Disney World preparing to reopen its gates for the first time since March to Annual Passholders on July 9 and then fully on July 11 (with limited capacity), there have been growing concerns from the residents of Florida whether this is the right decision at this exact point of time.

With the capacity full until the end of July, it seems that when Walt Disney World does reopen there won't be the low attendance figures that have been seen with Universal Orlando Resort parks in the last few weeks.

My question to you was, Do YOU Think Walt Disney World Should Delay Its Reopening?...

RESULTS - Do YOU Think Walt Disney World Should Delay Its Reopening?

Walt Disney World, Castle
Image: Disney

It was bound to be a contentious one, on one side you have the safety arguement from many who can't see opening the most popular attraction in Orlando to be a sensible idea right now with COVID-19 cases still seemingly out of control.

On the other hand, you have many people who think the media are sensationalising the numbers of cases and way they are being reported, along with the view that there are bound to be more cases as lots more people are being tested that were previously.

As of writing, the government seem to have given Disney the go ahead so it is down to them to make their decision. They have to consider the safety of their Cast Members and guests.

The Actors Union have stated that their members won't return as it isn't possible for them to wear the face shields and the Disney College Program has been cancelled at the moment so it looks like wages for Disney will be increased during this initial period of opening.

Anyway, here are the results:

  • Yes - 63%
  • No - 37%

So, there it is, 62% of readers think that they should delay its reopening.

Comments and Thoughts

Magic Kingdom, entrance sign
Image: Theme Park Tourist

We piloted this section of the article in our Coronavirus Poll RESULTS - Universal Orlando Vs SeaWorld Orlando: Which DO YOU Think Has Had The Best Reopening? and we will use it again here. We always love to hear your comments and views on our Polls so I thought it would be a good idea to pick out a few to share with you in this results article, I will always aim to get the best balance I can to show both sides of the debate: 

"Normally I would say let it up to the people, but I think for the safety of the cast members, it may be better to delay the opening a few weeks. A dr. here in Pittsburgh said the #'s may be going up but the "strength" of COVID-19 has gone down but what happens to a CM who has an underlying medical condition (unknown at the time) who catches it?"

"Unfortunately the virus isn’t going anywhere- it’s here to stay like Flu. A vaccine is a long way off and will more likely be like flu vaccine- which isn’t really a vaccine but more of a seasonal immune system boost that only sometimes works. We are all going to have to learn to deal with this - closing indefinitely is not the answer. Delay a bit longer until the current surge passes? Possibly. But Studies have proven that the economic decline caused by the closures will have devastating future effects. Postponed cancer screening, dr appointments and loss of revenue all cause increased deaths, depression, suicide, and poverty. Studies have indicated that the collateral damage can be just as bad and longer lasting."

"I have a gut feeling Disney will rethink this and won’t reopen yet. Too many cases and keeping people safe in their parks will be impossible think how dirty those parks are. Either way I’ll be interested to see if they do pull it off."

"Yes I think they should delay. I mean i hate seeing people out of work but with a theme park this big its gonna be hard to make sure guest follow the rules and make sure every surface is clean. I think all theme parks will be hard to clean 100%. And least with smaller businesses it a lot less of a foot print."

"Yes they should reopen. Stay home or quit if you are scared. This isn't going away. Take precautions, wash your hands and live life!"

Epcot, Spaceship Earth
Image: Theme Park Tourist

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