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"The batteries in your existing Magic Bands last a long time. At least a couple years, if not more. So if you have freebie Magic Bands from 2019-2020, you should be able to go at least another 1-3 years before having to purchase a new set."

"Phasing them out is understandable, but would be nice if you can add them to a package when booking. For international visitors if you have to use your phone it can significantly increase cost of a trip. And whose phone is even alive at the end of the day? I’d hate to have my room key on my phone, get to my room, pull it out and .... it dies as you open the app."

"It’s a perk I enjoy and would miss. A shame but, $30 added to my bill for one won’t hurt either. Then again using the mobile devices could be really good if they keep hackers away and maintain a much better wireless connection over all the Walt Disney World Resort area."

"Hate to say it but there are generations that dont use cell phones much. I typically plan the entire family's trip. Getting some to grasp the magic band was hard enough. Trying to picture my dad without me using his cell phone to pay or check in. Yikes."

"I see the decrease in magic bands causing a decrease of spending while in the parks!! It was SO easy to swipe that band. If I have to go to my husband and get the debit card every single time, he will eventually just tell me no!!!"

"No magic bands at the pools or water parks will be a real pain"

Thanks to everyone for your comments, it is always such an interesting read.

Summary of the debate

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There have been so many valid comments, a number of people are worried about the wi-fi coverage, with many commenting on spotty and unreliable experiences when it comes to wi-fi in the past at Walt Disney World. As a positive perhaps this will force Disney to make this better as they become more heavily reliant on it for the My Disney Experience App.

Battery life on your phone seems to be another very valid worry, especially with older smartphones, particularly considering if you are using it for entry to your hotel room. I know in this day and age it seems ridiculous to say but some people don't actually own a smartphone, my Mother-in-law for one, to be able to access the app. For them, unless they are willing to purchase a MagicBand, they will have to resort back to using the free Key to the World card.

The excitement of receiving your MagicBand through the post or upon arrival was talked about a lot in the comments section. Some feel this will mean a loss of a part of the Disney magic they have grown to love in the last 10 years.

Added to this, if you are having to keep your cell with you, it forces you to have to keep more in the real world rather than being able to properly switch off on vacation and forget it all. Many teenagers and some adults alike, don't need much excuse to keep their heads buried in their phone, this isn't going to help to drag them out of the habit to focus on the escapism Disney is supposed to bring.

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A very interesting point is that it is so easy to spend when using the MagicBand, (especially for children as well as adults) perhaps spending per person will go down. I am sure Disney has thought this through though, there will be a way, there is always a way with Disney.

Water parks are mentioned, many people have commented that they wouldn't want to take their cell to a water park. On a positive note for the phasing out of Magicbands some readers have said it is a positive move as they found MagicBands uncomfortable to wear.

In summary, the majority of people appear happy to pay for a MagicBand (many choose to do so now so as to get favorite characters or colors) but the worry is that as they are phasing out the free MagicBand program that Disney will phase the whole system out entirely in favor of the app. There is no other information on this as of now, only time will tell.

I just wanted to say that I personally love all theme parks, that's why my husband and I started Theme Park Tourist over 10 years ago. If you feel there is any bias in any of my articles I can only apologize, as this is definitely never intended.

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