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For the last three months since the theme parks across the world have been closed, we have been asking for your views and opinions on a number of hot topics in the theme park world.

Now that Universal Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens have now reopened and Walt Disney World's reopening is only two weeks away. We are changing the poll style article slightly and turning it into 'The Big Debate'. To make it easier to digest and vote, these polls will be introduced in one article and then there will be a results and discussion article later on that week to review the findings.

It is so important for people to be able to have their say and we are hoping that these will give you the opportunity to do this over the coming months and beyond.

Here are our first two Big Debates for you to read and vote on:

We couldn't just not bring you the results of our last Coronavirus Poll, so here are the results... 

RESULTS - Universal Orlando Vs SeaWorld Orlando: Which Do YOU Think Has Had The Best Reopening?

Inside Universal park
Image: Theme Park Tourist

It is very exciting that theme parks are finally reopening again and with new health and safety measures in place it has been a long and difficult road for theme park operators to get procedures and protocols in place in order to reopen, whilst adhering to the necessary goverment guidelines.

The most contentious safety measure which has been put into place at Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Orlando, as well as Busch Gardens Tampa and Walt Disney World when they reopen on July 11 is mandatory mask wearing. 

On reopening day, all eyes were on how this measure would be enforced?, Would it be enforced?, Would people wear them?, Would people wear them properly? There has been mixed reports from guests visiting both Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Orlando as to how this is being, or not being enforced.

SeaWorld Orlando
Image: Theme Park Tourist

Universal Orlando Resort has been open since June 5 and SeaWorld Orlando since June 11, so here are the results of our last Coronavirus Poll, Which Do YOU think has had the best reopening?:

  • Universal Orlando Resort - 78%
  • SeaWorld Orlando - 22%

So the results are clear, 78% of voters have chosen Universal Orlando Resort to be the victor in having the most successful reopening over the last few weeks. 

Mask selling, Universal Orlando
Image: Theme Park Tourist

YOUR Comments and Views

We always love to hear your comments and views on our Polls so I thought it would be a good idea to pick out a few to share with you in this results article, this Poll hasn't had as many comments as some of the others so I have done my best to get a balance between Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Orlando:

"Universal is doing a great job!"

"Overall Universal is doing a great job, but the security at the beginning is a mess. They packed everyone in like sardines to get in line for security check.  No social distancing at all."

"We went to both...universal hands down!"

"Universal is doing great!!! Sea World isn't but when i was there Monday if you wasn't wearing your mask you would be kicked out!!!"

I just wanted to say that I personally love all theme parks, that's why my husband and I started Theme Park Tourist over 10 years ago. If you feel there is any bias in any of my articles I can only apologize, as this is definitely never intended. 

Manta, SeaWorld Orlando
Image: Theme Park Tourist

Inevitably there are bound to be some issues to be ironed out by both Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld over the coming weeks and months and we hope that both parks return as quickly as they can to the success they have both had in the past.  

The situation with rising COVID-19 cases in Florida is causing questions over whether the reopening of Walt Disney World is the correct decision on July 11. Only time will tell.

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