Right now, Disney guests with on-property hotel reservations are able to reserve Disney Parks Passes, which are required (in addition to valid theme park admission) for guests to visit Walt Disney World theme parks in 2020. And though this system has had a rough few opening days with system crashes and jammed phone lines filled with frustrated guests, things are about to get even crazier as this system has now officially opened to all guests, including annual passholders and ticketholder.

And right now it looks like these groups will want to act fast, because several parks are hitting capacity limits during the theme parks' first week back to operation. As of this writing, there is no parks pass availability for any Walt Disney World theme park for annual passholders on July 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 25, and August 1, 7, 8, 15, & 22. Disney's Hollywood Studios is also unavailable for most weekdays in July and August. 

Though it looks like some spots "reserved" for Disney hotel guests still remain, it looks like annual passholders and guests with just theme park tickets without a hotel reservation will have a hard time getting into the theme parks this summer if they haven't already made reservations. And with tickets now available for purchase for guests visiting Walt Disney World in 2021, it looks like guests wanting to visit next year will want to finalize their plans as soon as possible. 

Should Walt Disney World's reopening move forward?

Image: Disney

Of course, all of this comes amid growing calls for Walt Disney World to delay their reopening as Disneyland Resort did in response to rising COVID-19 cases in the state. With Florida seeing over 30,000 new cases in just the last week, is looks like the virus is showing no signs of slowing down between now and July 11, and many are nervous not only about the spread of COVID-19 to guests, but also Cast Members as well.

The local actor's union has even gone as far as to say that they don't know how Walt Disney World could “responsibly” reopen as COVID-19 cases continue to rise in the state and is demanding regular testing for the actors who can’t use face masks when doing their jobs before union workers can return to work at the resort.

And though Disneyland Resort delayed its theme parks' opening due to guidance from the local government, Orange County has cleared the way for Walt Disney World to stick to their current reopening strategy, issuing a statement that the county will not be issuing any mandates for Walt Disney World's opening, and any kind of delay or additional restriction would have to come from  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. 



Maybe u should stay home if u or ur KIDS aren't going to abide the rules. If it wasn't safe to reopen Disney would not open. If it was all about the money Disney would have not furloughed thousands of cast members. Me being one of them. This is not the best time for families w children to be traveling anywhere. Hope u think about it n stay safe

I am sure that The Disney will do everything to protect I their guests. The recent outbreaks of the coronavirus we can a tribute to the protesters who refused to wear masks and do social distancing you can thank them and everyone who does not abide by the rules. No one is immune to this virus and I am happy that Disney was reopening

Are you serious? They're going to reopen the parks this COVID-19 is spreading even worst? Yea they really only care about money. What about the guest who has kids? The kids are not going to leave the mask on, which will put them at risk, as well as the cast members can become sick as well. This is a nightmare ready to happen. Me and my family will never go back to the parks.

In reply to by Suzanne Smith (not verified)

Then dont be an irresponsible parent and bring kids ? No one is forced to go.

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