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Our first Big Debate, Will You Be Sad To See Free Magicbands Phased Out?, proved very popular, watch out for the results and discussion article which will be coming to Theme Park Tourist very soon. For our second Big Debate we ask what seems like the absolute obvious question to ask right now, Do You Think Walt Disney World Should Delay It's Reopening?

With news this week that Disneyland Theme Parks Will NOT Open Next Month, it leaves everyone in Florida and indeed across the world wondering, where does this leave Walt Disney World? Should it make any difference? Will it make any difference? In location they are on the opposite sides of the US. In COVID-19 case numbers, well both states haven't been holding up particularly well in the last few weeks.

A petition was created by Disneyland Cast Members which showed strong public support and nearly 50,000 signatures to delay the reopening of Disneyland Resort. 

Walt Disney World Cast Members are in a similar situation, and created a petition, urging park executives and state and local officials to delay reopening, as well due to the accelerating cases of COVID-19 in the state. This petition hasn't got as much traction with only around 7,000 signatures as of right now

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The amount of COVID-19 cases seems to have been on the increase in Florida, some will say, there are more known cases because more people are being tested. I do not have enough knowledge or expertise on the subject to give my opinion on this. However, it is worrying that Wednesday saw a one-day record 5500 new cases. 

I suppose the big difference between Disneyland and Walt Disney World is that Cast Members have been called back to work at Walt Disney World theme park and reservations are currently being made using the brand new Disney Parks Pass system. This would make it very disruptive if the reopening date was moved but for now, at least, it seems to be full steam ahead for the reopening of Walt Disney World on July 11.

The Big Debate: Do YOU Think Walt Disney World Should Delay It's Reopening?

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This is a difficult one, on one side of the debate there is the argument that it is very important to get businesses up and running again and get morale up after the lock down COVID-19 has brought. On the other side COVID-19 cases certainly don't seem to be declining at the moment so is the reopening of Walt Disney World a sensible idea just yet?

Interestingly back in May, before the reopening date of Walt Disney World was announced, we had a Coronavirus Poll which asked, When Do You Think Walt Disney World Theme Parks Will Reopen?, while 51% of voters said July, 17% said August. As of right now plans look set in stone for July 11, only time will tell.

I must admit, I haven't made up my mind on this one yet. Don't get me wrong, I am willing all theme parks to reopen as soon as it is safe to do so and for them to flourish and bring happiness to all that visit once more, because hey that's exactly what they are there to do.  But it isn't about me, this is about what YOU think...

The choices are simple, what will YOU vote?:

  • Yes 
  • No


CLICK HERE  to vote and don't forget to share this with your friends and family. We love to hear your comments and these will feature in our results and discussion article which will be published on Theme Park Tourist very soon.

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