Florida has seen a recent spike in COVID-19 cases, with the state adding nearly 10,000 new cases in the past week. With cases rising so sharply over such a short amount of time, many have been wondering if we could see a return to lockdown in the Orlando area.

And while nothing has been announced, officials have said that it could be possible if things don't improve, especially in Orange County, which houses Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld Orlando, and part of Walt Disney World. 

No action yet, but closings could be an option as the situation becomes more serious

Image: SeaWorld

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings said during a recent news conference that he does not believe that rising COVID-19 numbers in Orange County are at a level where a shutdown would be necessary in the immediate future. However, the county saw 730 new COVID-19 cases last week alone, up 202% from the week before, which is a massive increase and prompted the mayor to acknowledge that a lockdown could be put back in place if the situation doesn’t improve soon. 

And unfortunately, so far this week, 246 new cases have already been reported, leading health officials to hypothesize that the total numbers for this week could be even worse than last week, which would bolster the case for another lockdown, especially as Mayor Demings has said that if the hospital capacity starts to dwindle or if the positivity rate reaches the double digits, then he will consider "rolling back" some of Orange County's business openings. And while the types of businesses that would see closures was not elaborated on, it very well could include theme parks.

Though there's no hard answers yet, with cases of COVID-19 on the rise once again in Central Florida, we'd advise all theme park visitors to exercise caution. And though lockdown may be a last resort (and not quite on the horizon just yet), there could be another measure to help stem the spread of COVID-19 that could be put into place in Orange County VERY soon. 



Heavens no! This is a contagious illness. The whole point was never to stop the spread - it was to slow it so the ICU facilities can not be overrun. Mission accomplished.

Now, the young and healthy need to get on with life so we can establish herd immunity. Getting on with life includes recreation and fun. (Cowering in a cave while we hope and pray for a vaccine that may or may not ever come is not living at all).

There are risks in life. People need to accept this. Getting out of bed in the morning is risky. Laying in bed too much is risky. There is no such thing as being risk free. Lets keep the sucker open. Let people decide for themselves whether they want to go or not, and get on with life.

As for me, I will not be going. The thought of being forced to wear a mask in a happy place like a theme park just ruins the fun. As soon as masks are not required, I'll be there!

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