Masks will be required for guests and employees when Disney Parks reopen, and other social distancing measures will be enforced

Image: Disney

Earlier this week Walt Disney World Resort reached an agreement with several Cast Member unions about new safety rules that will ensure the health of workers at Disney's theme parks. Among these new rules will be the requirement for all visitors to wear masks when visiting the Disney theme parks, as well as go through a temperature screening before they are allowed to enter. The same requirements will apply to Disney Cast Members, who will be required to wear masks and have their temperature taken every day when they report for work.

This agreement also requires Disney to install clear plastic barriers at all of its cash registers, and encourage touchless transactions to minimize the virus transmission risk to both visitors and employees.

Image: Disney

Though we don't know exactly when theme parks in Florida will reopen, with Disney's Cast Member unions setting safety standards for workers in the theme parks and Ron DeSantis giving the go-ahead for parks to begin submitting proposals for reopening, it looks like things are finally moving in a positive direction for the theme parks in Florida with regards to a reopening. 

As always, while this situation is evolving, all theme park fans should check out the CDC's official site here, which has information on the virus and how to prevent its spread. 

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I personally think many of these regulations are just security theater and are going to be dropped very quickly. Masks especially. The summer heat, especially in places like Florida and southern California, will make it difficult to breathe and people will want to take their masks off for pictures.

The publicity from people dropping from heatstroke due to being unable to breathe through their masks will be worse than an outbreak. I say that because people will say that the masks were Disney's rule and thus they are responsible if someone gets injured or dies because of wearing one. And Disney has always been quick to do things to avoid lawsuits (good and bad) so it wouldn’t take much for them to scrap the rule.

Plus, families are going to be unable to get their kids to keep their masks on for even two to three hours straight without taking it off. Small children will have those things off in a matter of minutes, and older children are likely to not wear them even if only out of defiance. Never mind the discomfort of the masks and the health risks of masked breathing for that length of time.

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