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This week has seen the exciting news that Shanghai Disneyland has reopened it's gates and interesting things are now happening inside.Various measures have been put into place to try to ensure the safety of it's cast members and guests as COVID-19 continues to be present. We are now all waiting to hear the official announcement from Disney as to when we are likely to see Walt Disney World's theme parks opening their gates to welcome fans once more.

We have discussed possible measures that may be put into place and in our last poll we asked the question, Do you think the Disney Reopening Plan is going to work? It got me thinking about the four amazing theme parks and two water parks at Walt Disney World and I was very interested to find out which one you will be heading to first when that choice becomes available?

Surely Disney's Magic Kingdom will win this one but actually, thinking about this some more, it may be more even between the top four parks than I originally thought. I can't wait to find out. Many readers have commented saying that they can't find the poll so I thought this week rather than reviewing results first I would get straight it with our new poll, so here it is.

Poll 15 - Which Walt Disney World Park Can't You Wait To Get Back To The Most?

To make it fair, I will discount Disney's Blizzard Beach and Disney's Typhoon Lagoon. Here is a quick resume of the choices and then it will be time to vote. If you want to visit our guide pages just click on the name of the park and it will take you there. It is a great resource when planning your visit, although I am sure if you are reading this you are expert in everything Disney already. Be sure to also visit our Features Page to check out our latest articles.

  • Disney's Magic Kingdom - An obvious choice but with new measures in place is this going to be the best choice for your first park when you return?
  • Epcot - Has the World Showcase, could this be a good choice for the best experience when the gates reopen?
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom - I am not quite sure how Kilimanjaro Safari is going to work with potential social distancing measures. I suppose like with everything it will require necessary spacing. Perhaps you could end up with a private tour if you are in a bigger family group?
  • Disney's Hollywood Studios - It was here that we opened the park when we were on Honeymoon, so this park has always got a special place in my heart.    
Animal Kingdom entrance
Image: Theme Park Tourist

Anyway, enough of my reminiscing! I know for many a visit to Walt Disney World may seem like a long way off but you have still got to love day dreaming about the parks. It certainly makes me smile everytime I think of the amazing time we had on previous trips and the brilliant time we will inevitably have in the future.

So CLICK HERE to vote and don't forget to share this poll with your family and friends.  

We don't yet know when the parks will reopen, or if they will all open at the same time but we know that news surely isn't far away and we will be sure to bring it to you as soon as it breaks.

Disney's Hollywood Studios
Image: Theme Park Tourist

Poll 14 Results - Do you think the Disney Reopening Plan is going to work?

After Disney announced it's official initial reopening plans last week, I asked, Do you think the Disney Reopening Plan is going to work? Here are the results so far:

  • Yes, it seems to be a good balanced plan to deal with the current situation - 60%
  • No, keep the parks shut - 17%
  • Maybe, but the plan needs changes - 23%

From these results we can see that 60% of those that have voted are positive about the plans which is really encouraging to hear. Only 17% say they think the parks should be kept shut and 23% think plans need changing. I am guessing this is likely to be about mask wearing which still seems to be the main problem measure that may be put into place.

Disney's Magic Kingdom
Image: Theme Park Tourist

If you haven't voted yet, CLICK HERE to have your say and don't forget as always to share this with your friends and family.


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