Disney's Magic Kingdom, Theme Park Tourist

The big question currently on everyone's lips is, when are the theme parks going to reopen? It is clear that majority of people are now getting very fed up with being in lockdown and want to see things starting to get back towards life as we knew it, before the COVID-19 pandemic came along.

From reading countless articles online it is clear that people have a lot of differing views as to when the parks will or won't open, should or shouldn't open and wow, when you start reading about what the potential measures could posssibly be put in place it blows your mind. So many contrasting views, fueled by frustration and stress in many cases that I certainly don't envy those people who are tasked with finding the answers.

On Wednesday we heard news from Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force saying they have opened a conversation but they are going to need that conversation to be with Walt Disney World, Universal and SeaWorld to start to move towards a reopening plan for businesses of such magnitude as they are. 

With updates on when theme parks are likely to be able to reopen comes the inevitable, what measures are going to have to be in place in order for you to be able to actually step foot in the parks? We saw in this recent article that the guidelines may include all employees having to wearing face masks (apart from when eating) and having temperature tests before being allowed on shift. As well as this it seems that an increased cleaning policy will be required, with all railing and surfaces being wiped down regularly. 

Unsurprisingly, it has also been suggested that it is being recommended that theme parks encourage social distancing by taping 6-foot spaces in attraction queues so guests are kept away from each other.

Disney's Magic Kingdom, Theme Park Tourist
Image: Theme Park Tourist

It is positive that the conversation has now been started, although in the early stages, we will update you with the latest information regarding reopening as soon as it is announced. Make sure you keep checking our news page everyday. 

Poll 9, 10 and 11 - Are you planning on going?

Our last three polls have asked the question, when the gates reopen, are you planning to go to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld? If you haven't voted yet, click on the links below to have your say:

The results so far to each has been absolutely yes, can't wait to go, for 59% (Walt Disney World), 59%(Universal Orlando) and 56% for SeaWorld.

Hagrid, Universal
Image: Universal

Interestingly although unsurprisingly, 19% (Walt Disney World), 25%(Universal Orlando) and 15% for SeaWorld of people have voted yes, depending on what measures are put into place so they feel safe.

Then comes the question, what are these measures likely to be? Are you going to feel safe with these in place? Are you going to be happy to adhere to the measures? Our next mini series of polls is going to take each one of the possible measures that are currently being talked about in the media and ask your opinion on whether you would be happy or unhappy if they were to be put into place when Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld gates actually reopen.



You cannot wear a mask in the Florida heat. And while riding coasters, that will never work. If someone wants to wear a mask it needs to be their choice...,

It's impossible and too much work. Enter at your own risk or close them until this virus is gone.

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