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We are currently living in a time of such uncertainty as the COVID-19 pandemic continues worldwide. With businesses across the globe desperately trying to put plans in place to make opening a possibility in the near future, potential answers to some of the problems we are all going to face are starting to take shape but definite time scales and answers seem to still be a way off.

This week we have read, Could Disney Remain Closed Through The Summer?, it is interesting to read people's comments which are so widely different in many cases. Generally as humans we like to be in the know, this is a stereotype for sure but I think it has a lot of truth for most. I, like many I am sure, am definitely a person who likes to plan and know what to expect. We are at a time of the unknown, of predicting and speculating based on the information we are getting from the Governments who are having to make the tough decisions.

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Having said this, news from Universal, Universal Parks Considering Aggressive Reopening Measures Including Mandatory Testing, Face Masks, and More, shows that we may be turning a slight corner and proper decisions may be close to being announced and actual knowledge will be ours at last. I can hear what you are saying, but COVID-19 will still be present, will relaxing the stringent measures currently in place mean it will begin to spread again? Will there be another wave? Again, lots of questions with no exact answers because we unfortunately don't know right now.

As we said at the start of our very first poll, we will continue to bring you all the latest news regarding potential opening dates and measures that will be in place from the theme park world as it evolves. Alongside this we are still trying to give you fun and informative Features to try to raise a smile during these difficult times. Try our 9 Things Every 80's Kid LOVED at Walt Disney World which is the first in a mini series which will also explore Disney kids of the 90s and 2000s.

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Results Poll 9 - Walt Disney World: When the gates reopen, are you planning to go?

This has undoubtedly been our most popular Poll so far which actually is unsurprising I suppose. For many of you this is something that you are so looking forward to being able to do, something to think about and plan for during these uncertain and difficult times.

Don't worry if you haven't voted yet, you still have time, CLICK HERE to have your say. Here are the results so far on Walt Disney World: When the gates reopen, are you planning to go?:

  1. Yes, I can't wait to go! - 58%
  2. Yes, but it will depend on what measures are put into place so I feel safe - 21%
  3. No, Not until a vaccine is sorted and I know it is safe -  11%
  4. No, I won't be able to afford it - 3%
  5. Maybe, I really can't make a decision at the moment - 8% 
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Well so far there seems to be a positive vibe from 58% of voters who are seemingly just looking forward to going as soon as they can. Understandably 21% are saying yes but they will take into consideration the measures that are put in place. The total voting for a vaccine before they will consider going to the park is currently at 11% and those who think they will be unable to afford it sits at 3%. The remaining 8% of people admit that they can not make a decision right now. Unsurprisingly we have a spread of views at the moment. I am very curious as to whether people's decisions will change as more announcements regarding plans and the measures that will be put into place for reopening become apparent?  

Remember to keep voting and leave us your comments on what you think by clicking on the add comment button at the bottom of the article. We always love hearing your views. 

Results Poll 8 - Which Is Your Favorite Quarantine Created Homemade Disney Ride Through Video?

I loved watching these fun homemade disney ride through videos, we hope you did too? If you missed the article, you can read it here,  HOMEMADE MAGIC: 8 Quarantine- Created Ride Recreations That Keep The Magic Alive. So here are the final results: 

  • Peter Pan's Flight - 9%
  • Soarin' Around the World - 21%
  • Jungle Cruise - 24%
  • The Haunted Mansion - 24%
  • Alien Encounter - 0%
  • Toy Story Midway Mania 0%
  • Pirates of the Caribbean - 15%
  • Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT! - 9% 
Haunted Mansion, Theme Park Tourist
Image: Theme Park Tourist

There you have it, we have a tie for the best Homemade disney ride through video as voted for by Theme Park Tourist readers. The Haunted Mansion has made a late surge and joins Jungle Cruise as joint winner with 24% each of the vote, so very well done to the makers of both and thank you for entertaining us whilst the park gates are shut. Who would have thought Disney fans would be making their own ride through videos from the comfort of their own homes! 



I’m confused. I clicked on an article about Universal and it’s all about Disney? I wanted to know about Universal NOT disney. What’s up with that.

Hi, these Coronavirus Poll articles are part of a series which firstly review the results from the previous poll and then introduces a new one. This poll is about Universal, see the second page. Sorry for the confusion. Check this article out if you are looking for news on Universal https://www.themeparktourist.com/news/20200418/28833/universal-parks-considering-aggressive-reopening-measures-including-mandatory
Thanks for reading and kind regards.

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