Though Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance got off to a rough start when it first opened at Disney's Hollywood Studios last December, around the the holiday season we started seeing more stable operations at this attraction, with most regular boarding groups being called before the early afternoon, and guests with backup groups able to experience the attraction before park close. 

However, it looks like this ride has been suffering from some technical setbacks in recent weeks, with the attraction seeing delayed openings and experiencing frequent downtime throughout the day, leading to long waits for guests in the park, and few (if any) backup boarding groups being called. Which is leading to some unfortunate changes for this attraction

Running a slimmed-down version of the attraction

Image: Disney

Though there are several "B-mode" versions of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance that engage when an animatronic or other single component of the attraction isn't working, lately Disney has been running a slimmed down version of the attraction that skips a lot of the actual experience (!Spoilers Follow!). 

On several occasions over the last week, guests have reported experiencing a much shorter version of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance that completely skips both the Rey preshow and the shuttle transport part of the attraction, instead bringing guests through a backstage hallway that leads directly to the Stormtrooper room.

Image: Disney

Of course, with no context from the first two parts of the attraction, the final "ride" part doesn't make any sense, but in an effort to pack as many guests into the attraction at the end of the operating day after significant downtime, Disney has decided it is better to run guests through the final third of the attraction than risk not meeting the guaranteed boarding group threshold set every morning. 



Well that really stinks for the disney guests !
The beginning and the middle is a huge part of the ride ! Hope they get this worked out !
And all of this doesn’t happen anymore ?

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