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Want to Avoid Lines at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge? Here's How

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge had a blockbuster opening at the end of August, drawing massive crowds to Disney's Hollywood Studios, with the most dedicated fans arriving at 3:00 AM to be among the first to experience this new land. However, though this new land is just over a week old, crowds have thinned substantially, and we've been able to notice a few trends that should help guests wanting to experience this new land this fall do so with minimal wait

1. Head to the park late if you want to experience Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run with minimal wait

Though conventional theme park wisdom generally states that early park-goers are able to take advantage of low wait times, with Disney's Hollywood Studios offering "Extra" Extra Magic Hours to resort guests at 6:00 AM every morning until November, if you're not staying on property, you probably won't benefit from heading to this park early to experience Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. However, if you don't mind staying late, you can experience this new land's iconic new ride, Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run with little to no wait.

Though wait times are averaging between 60-90 minutes during the morning and early afternoon, we've been seeing a steep wait time decline after 5:00 PM, with this ride's wait time dropping down to between 20-40 minutes, which is perfect for guests who want to ride (and re-ride!) this awesome new attraction without waiting over an hour each time. 

2. Make reservations for Oga's Cantina

Image: Disney

Oga's Cantina continues to be a massive draw at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, and though you can wait stand-by for this experience, guests who have tried waiting to get into this watering hole have reported having to stand around for an hour or more just to get in the door. However, instead of wasting all this time, Disney has made it easy for guests to reserve a time to experience this new establishment here. And though guests may still have to wait a few minutes after their reservation time to get in (guests with reservations still have to wait for others to leave before they can enter), it sure beats standing around outside in a long queue waiting for a spot to open up (and hoping no one with a reservation is in front of you!)

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