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Will Primeval Whirl Ever Open Again?

Will Disney ever provide an official update on the future this attraction?

Image: Disney

Though the status on Disney's website is not a good sign about the future of this attraction, technically the most recent "reopening target" of September 29th has not passed yet, so there is some hope for any Primeval Whirl fans out there. However, if this attraction really is going to be closed indefinitely, we'd hope that some kind of announcement or operational update would be shared with guests in the near future. 

And though Disney has a history of leaving attractions standing but not operating, we're hopeful that with this attraction, because it is outside and exposed, Disney won't be able to just randomly tear it down and not tell anyone, which means we might actually get some news if Disney really isn't planning to ever reopen this attraction. 

Though there were some pre-D23 Expo rumors about new attractions coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom, no announcements were made at this year's event last month, but if this attraction is well and truly going extinct perhaps Disney will seriously consider re-theming its worst land ever, and we could get a new attraction in this space. 

Though Primeval Whirl isn't exactly the most popular attraction at Disney's Animal Kingdom, the mystery surrounding this attraction's extended refurbishment and possible permanent closure is certainly interesting, and hopefully we'll get some concrete answers about the future of this ride soon! 

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