Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge has been open at Disneyland for several months now, and while that land's opening went off without a hitch, Disney is saying that the opening of this land at Disney's Hollywood Studios will attract bigger crowds than those seen at Disneyland. And while we won't know until August 29th exactly what will happen with the opening of this new land, here's everything guests who want to travel to Batuu should know before they go!:

1. You'll have to do some walking to get to Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run if that's the first thing you want to do

Right now, we can confidently say that Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run is the best thing at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, and if that is the number one thing you want to do in this new land, you're going to want to make a bee line for the back of this land. During our preview, they were only letting guests in to this land on the Grand Avenue side of the park, and during this new land's opening months we'd guess this will likely continue to be the case, which means guests will need to head all the way past the marketplace shopping area and then down the lower path (around the Docking Bay restaurant) and straight into the queue for this attraction if this is what they want to do first. Though there aren't that many twists and turns in this new land, you definitely won't want to get distracted if your goal is to get on this ride ASAP, and since FastPass+ return times are not being offered, you'll definitely want to get to this line fast if you want to minimize your wait time. 

2. There's not a lot of choices for dining

Image: Disney

If you are looking for lots of varied intergalactic dining options, unfortunately Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge may disappoint you. Though Oga's Cantina has some fun drink choices, when it comes to food, you're limited to Docking Bay 7, which only has 6 options for dinner (or lunch), or the Ronto Roasters stall, which has two options for food ( a wrap, and a choice of spicy or sweet jerky) in addition to a popcorn stand. Though we expect there to be more choices in the future, right now the choices are pretty slim, especially if you adhere to a vegetarian/vegan diet, as there is only one plant-based entree offered for lunch and dinner in the entire land. 

3. Blue milk is hit or miss

Though there are a LOT of choices for mixed drinks in this area, Star Wars fans will probably want to head right to this land's milk stall for a sip of iconic Blue Milk. And though this beverage definitely looks like it did in the Star Wars films, the taste and texture (at least in our experience) left a lot to be desired. This otherworldly beverage is actually a mixture of rice and coconut milk which is partially frozen to make a sort of slush, and then mixed with dye and a berry flavor, which kind of makes it taste like berry bubble gum. Though some people might like this, our informal survey of those around us who tried this drink revealed mixed to negative reviews, and at almost $8 a cup, this definitely felt like a poor investment (and the cup was pretty small too!). 


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