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The 9 BIG Updates from Walt Disney World (and Beyond) This Week (August 5-11, 2019)

8. Two more houses announced for Halloween Horror Nights

Image: Universal
As we get closer and closer to the September opening of 2019's Halloween Horror Nights event, Universal has ramped up their announcements for this year's event, announcing two more houses that will be featured this fall:
  • Us: This house based on the 2019 blockbuster film from Jordan Peele will allow guests to walk through the Wilson family beach house and Santa Cruz Pier, where they might spot a familiar character outside of the Fun House. Guests will also venture through the unnerving tunnels that stretch for miles deep below America and come face-to-face with “The Tethered” – a group of terrifying doppelgängers of every living man, woman and child in the country. 
  • Graveyard Games: In this original house, ghosts of every shape and form will rise from their tombstones to exact their revenge as guests try to escape the maze of crumbling tombstones and mausoleums. Skeletal beings, ghastly apparitions and vengeful spirits will try to drag guests to the grave. And in the end, guests will find out what happened to those who set out to deface the cemetery.

9. SeaWorld reports attendance growth 

Image: SeaWorld

Though attendance at SeaWorld parks saw steep attendance declines from 2013 through 2017, it looks like SeaWorld's recovery, which began in 2018, is continuing into 2018, as attendance once again increased year over year, hitting 6.5 million visitors, a 0.8 percent increase from the same quarter last year. So far, for the year, SeaWorld parks have had 9.8 million visitors, which is also up from 2018 as well. 

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