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Why Aren't Guests Visiting Disney Parks This Summer?

2. Guests don't want to visit an unfinished Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Image: Disney

Though the first few weeks of operation for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland were specifically designed to be low key (reservations were required and guests had strict time limits inside the land), now that this land is open for all guests to enjoy for as long as they want, we all expected wait times to balloon as guests filled this new land.

However, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge  hasn't exactly  been the instant smash hit that many were predicting, with lone ride Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run, typically holding at between a 30-60 minute wait and shops like the Toydarian stall and Droid Depot essentially standing empty as guests pass by this new land on their way to something else. 

Though there's no way to know for sure, many feel that the initial unpopularity of this land may be due to the fact thatl Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, the amazing-sounding E-ticket attraction for this land, is still under construction, and could potentially be delayed until next year, if the latest rumors are to be believed. And while Disney may have initially been hoping to capitalize on the nearly ubiquitous popularity of Star Wars to get guests in the land despite its unfinished state, those who want to check out the completed version of this land may simply be biding their time until the release date for the second phase of this new land is announced, which is why this land isn't filling the way many thought it would during its opening weeks. 

Image: Disney

And while we can't predict if this same phenomenon is going to happen next month at Walt Disney World, given the fact that hotel room reservations at almost every single major on-property resort are still available for the opening few weeks of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disney's Hollywood Studios, we'd guess we might see another disappointing return at Walt Disney World for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, potentially for the same reason as stated previously. 

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