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Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans Theme Park to Finally be Torn Down

A big cost for the local government

Image: Eric Jorgenson, Wikimedia Commons (license)

Though there have been some efforts to get Six Flags or the company's insurers to pay for the demolition of this former site, it is looking increasingly likely that the local government will foot all or most of the bill, which could be quite substantial, as a 2016 analysis estimated it would cost about $1.3 million to demolish all of the former theme park's rides and infrastructure. No plans are yet in place for what to do with the site if and when it's demolished, which probably means that the recent Jazzland theme park proposal has been all but abandoned. 

Not quite a done deal yet

Image: Eric Jorgenson, Wikimedia Commons (license)

Though it is encouraging to hear the mayor of New Orleans speak about plans to demolish the former Six Flags New Orleans site, after almost 15 years, its important to remember that nothing has been set in stone yet, and these plans could still fall by the wayside. Already, some have said that the local government could start the demolition process off slow in case some of the remaining theme park infrastructure might be useful to future investors (though based on the photos we've seen its hard to imagine anything at this site as salvageable). 

Some have also suggested that this lot could continue life as a movie set (films like Jurassic World and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes have been partially shot here), but this site has deteriorated so much that no movies have been able to shoot here since 2015, so this also seems like an unlikely outcome. 

Though the story of Six Flags: New Orleans has been quite the tragic tale, it looks like the end could finally be in sight for this long-abandoned theme park. 

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