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Guest Removal Policy and Virtual Queue Detailed for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Digital queue "Boarding Pass" system detailed

Millennium Falcon cockpit with guests - Going to lightspeed

Image: Disney

Beginning June 24, guests will no longer need to have a reservation to enter Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. However, that doesn't mean guests will be able to flood this land immediately. Starting from this date forward visitors will need to secure a “boarding pass” that can either be reserved digitally via the Disneyland app or at a paper boarding pass kiosk to get into the new land. 

Once they know their return time, guests will have two hours to show up for their boarding pass window, but the good news here is that once your party is  inside, there will be no time limits, like with the aforementioned reservation times. However, though guests can spend as much time as they'd like inside this new land, once they exit, they may not reenter, and guests cannot secure more than one boarding pass in a single day. 

Image: Disney

And though boarding passes will almost certainly be needed for almost all guests visiting Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland this summer, during certain specific times, boarding passes will not be required to enter the land, such as in the very early morning when the park first opens, as well as late at night, when crowds are thinner. However, as soon as crowds get heavy, Disneyland will shut down free access to the land, and only those with boarding passes may enter. 

This virtual queueing system is expected to be in use for the foreseeable future at Disneyland, as long as crowds show up for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. And while it hasn't been confirmed, we'd be very surprised if some variation of this system didn't come to Disney's Hollywood Studios when the east coast version of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens this August, as crowds could be just as intense (or perhaps even worse) at Walt Disney World.  

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