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Guest Removal Policy and Virtual Queue Detailed for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

As we head into the final preparations stage for the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland, some additional information about how Disney is going to handle crowds at this park, not only during the opening reservation period, but also for the foreseeable future. And as you might expect, it's not going to be easy to experience this land... 

Guests visiting during the "reservation" period will be asked to leave if they stay too long

Image: Disney

Beginning on opening day (May 31st) and lasting through June 23rd, guests at Disneyland who want to experience Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will need a reservation. There will be absolutely no exceptions to this rule, and no one will be admitted without a return time. Guests who do secure a reservation will also only have a 4-hour window in which experience everything they can inside Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, after which they will need to leave to make way for other guests. 

And while we initially wondered how Disney might enforce this reservation window, The OC Register has some new information about how this strict reservation time will be enforced. Much like they do during special events, Disneyland will issue colored wristbands to visitors that will be different depending on the time window. 

Millennium Falcon attraction concept art

Image: Disney

After each four-hour window ends, guests who have expired wristbands will not be able to ride Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run eat at Oga’s Cantina or Docking Bay 7 restaurant, and will not be able to shop or make their own lightsabers either. Guests who continue to loiter in this land beyond their return time will be asked to leave, either by employees or by Stormtroopers patrolling the land. 

And though this system sounds pretty restrictive, Disney has also detailed how crowds inside this new land will be managed after the reservation system ends on June 23, and as you might imagine, there's a little bit of a process involved... 

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