Though Universal has only ever offered a firm "no comment" when it comes to its massive Real Estate purchase from the day before Christmas in 2015, their plans to build new theme parks on this land has been a very poorly-kept secret for several years now, with the new park plans being quietly confirmed inside Comcast's second-quarter 2018 financial results. And though the company finally went on record earlier this year and confirmed that it was indeed developing a new "gate" in Florida (even filing name registrations), there hasn't been much of an update on this project...until now. 

Could Universal have finally settled on a name for its new park? 

Earlier this year the Orlando Business Journal reported that Universal filed a multi-use trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently for the names "Universal's Epic Universe" and "Fantastic Worlds" for a variety of uses, including amusement park attractions, live stage performances, and merchandise. And now, thanks to a leaked image from a recent corporate meeting it looks like we may know what new name Universal has settled on: 

Though "Fantastic Worlds" is a little vague (and plans can always change), this seems like an extension of the Islands of Adventure concept, with the mixing of different IP in self-contained "lands" inside one park. And if, the leaked image above is anything to go by, one of the big "anchors" for this new land will be some version of Nintendo Land. And while we know that the original plan was to put the stateside Nintendo Land at Universal Studios Florida, plans may have changed, with Universal looking to move this upcoming land to their new park. Either that, or Universal could be looking to have multiple Nintendo Lands across several parks, the way that it has multiple Wizarding World of Harry Potter lands across its current two parks. 

Either way, though this leak is very credible and lines up with some whispers we heard earlier this year, we have to stress once again that plans can change at any moment, and until Universal finally announces something concrete, we don't know anything for sure. 


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