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Disney Skyliner Confirmed to be Opening in 2019

2. Gondola cabs will not be air-conditioned

Image: Disney

Though it was rumored previously, inside sources are now confirming that although each Disney Skyliner cab will have power (for lighting and an audio system) these gondolas will not be air-conditioned, instead having small ventilation openings around the windows to allow guests to feel the breeze as they move through the air. Though we don't know exactly how this will work with inclement conditions like rain and cold (yes, Orlando does get a little chilly in the winter!), it looks like guests who prefer to travel in a controlled temperature will need to stick to busses and monorails, while more adventurous guests can use the open air boats and Skyliner system. 

3. Expect room rates at connected hotels to go up by a large margin

Art of Animation family suite

It's no secret that guests pay for convenience at Walt Disney World, which is one of the reasons why hotels on the Monorail Loop at the Magic Kingdom have the highest room rates on property. And while we can't specifically say how much, now that Disney’s Art of Animation, Pop Century and Caribbean Beach resorts will have a direct line to Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios, these hotels will become a lot more popular and room rates will rise at these moderate resorts as a result. We already know that Disney is looking to increase prices for its hotels, and the completion of this project will facilitate a natual rise in prices as demand for rooms at these hotels increases. 

Despite these negative developments, we're still really excited for the Disney Skyliner project to be completed next year. Will you be taking a ride on one of these elevated gondolas? 

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